Fitness & Function Bend Location meets the unique wellness and fitness need of midlife adults (50-64) and older adults (65 and beyond) with in-home personal training.  We are based in Portland Oregon and have been in business since 2003. Our services are individually tailored to meet and exceed our clients' wellness goals. Whether your desire is to optimize fitness for living an active and vibrant lifestyle, to optimize physical function and slow down age-related declines in function, stay independent to age 100, to optimize your health for enhancing quality of life and reducing the risk for developing chronic illness, or better manage and treat your current medical conditions, we have the program for you and it is never too late to start.


Fitness & Function created the business model that is based on the old fashion house call where the client is the primary focus.​ We are mobile health and fitness professionals that specialize in improving the lives of individuals 40 to 100+ years of age throughout their lifespan. Our health and fitness professionals meet with clients once, twice, to five times per week, every other week or once a month at an ongoing basis. A regular and consistent regimen of targeted exercise and physical activity contributes to best outcome in achieving wellness goals. 

Our fitness professional in Bend is an Accredited ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer with advanced training and certifications such as senior fitness, and trains clients with a range of wellness goals. 

We are dedicated health & fitness professionals and care passionately about our client's wellness and strive for them to have a great exercise experience each and every training/treatment session. We promote Lifestyle Medicine (healthy lifestyle habits) to prevent and even reverse common chronic diseases, and to help our clients maximize  their wellness potential.