Fitness & Function provides consulting services to groups and organizations. Our health and fitness professionals have well over a 100 hundred of years of combined expertise. 


  • Exercise class/program development

  • Analyzing current exercise programs and assessments

Jacqueline is a health fitness professional with over 27 years of experience in the field she has worked in corporate fitness, providing training and instructing fitness classes on military installations in Hawaii and Massachusetts, training retired military and department of defense personnel, provided fitness instruction for exercise research under Wayne Westcott PhD and having private personal training clients. She provided consulting services for a chain of assisted and independent living communities developing exercise programming, consulted on fitness center design and implementation, staff training and quality control. Jacqueline the founder of Fitness & Function LLC a wellness services company that specialized in In-Home personal training, health coaching and private physical therapy, where clients receive person-centered training, coaching and therapy where the client is the primary focus receiving optimal results and benefits and not an insurance company dictating minimal services to restore and optimize function, health and fitness.

She has designed and instructed group classes for Tualatin Hills Parks and recreation district and has instructed thousands of patrons over ten years for this organization specializing in older adult exercise and also introduced the Senior Fitness Test protocol to this center.

Large group classes were so successful that the maximum registration numbers had to be increased to accommodate attendance. Smaller classes were designed to meet the need of a growing number of seniors that required specialized training not found in a conventional exercise program or group class specifically addressing their health and medical conditions. Classes included: Functional Strength, Essential Balance and Mobility, Ageless Conditioning, Diabetes Intervention and Prevention Exercise Program (DIP), Revive Exercise Recovery Program, Workout for Weight-Loss which was later changed to Workout for Weight-Loss, Better Health and Ageless Athlete. She also instructed the award winning falls prevention and intervention program FallProof, and for several years she provided monthly wellness seminars on specific exercise benefits for certain medical issues and prevention of development of medical problems. She has done hundreds of assessments using the Senior Fitness test protocols as well as balance and mobility assessments to determine weaknesses, strengths and identify certain balance disorders to be able to design exercise programs that specifically targeted the impairments and therefor optimize the wellness potential in the thousands of people attending her classes well over ten years.