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Our Most Valuable Assetts

Our most valuable assets are our health, function, fitness and quality of life. All those are at risk as we continue to age, There is no avoiding aging; however, how we do it influences our quality of life.

The aging process and the ability to age successfully at an optimal level depends on various factors such as our genetics, previous and current lifestyle habits, our environment, previous illness, injuries and accidents . As we continue to age those factors accumulate and the effects of it gradually catch up with us and affect how we function on a daily basis and how healthy we are as the risk increases for developing chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, higher levels of cholesterol, higher blood sugar levels which lead to increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, as well as development of other neurological conditions such as MS or Parkinson's Disease. Inactivity and poor nutritional habits can reduce bone density, loss of muscle strength, muscle imbalances, poor posture, balance and mobility problems, falls and fall -related injuries.

The good thing is that not only can most chronic conditions be prevented with appropriate exercise and good nutritional habits, most of those chronic diseases can also be improved with specific exercise and healthy nutrition habits that target your health issues and without the nasty side effects common with prescribed medications.

I know, it is easy just to ask your doctor for a pill to relieve the symptoms that are caused by your health issue, however, when you do not change your life style habits, you will find yourself increase dosage or having to take multiple medications to provide relief.

Improving lifestyle habits with regularly performed exercise that specifically benefits your health issue and adopting healthy nutrition habits can provide more benefits than you can find in a pill. Specific exercise can improving your blood pressure, lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. As these continue to improve your healthcare provider may gradually reduce the dosage of the medication or eliminate the medication all together.

As you age this has a major impact on your health and the ability to stay independent.. Taking 4 or more medications and more specifically the type of medication you take can increase fall risk. Older adult s65 years and older are at increased fall risk. In fact one out of every four seniors falls annually. Falls are not only the main reason they lose independence, about 40 percent of assisted living residents are there because of a fall and fall related injuries the cost them their precious independence.

You may think : 'Well, I am not that old yet' or 'I hope this does not happen to me'. However, hope is not a good plan for aging well.and aging seems to creep up on us as so to the effects of our poor lifestyle habits.

The fact is when our goal is to retire in good health with the wish of living and enjoying an active lifestyle of travel, visiting family and playing with grandchildren we need to prepare our bodies to withstand the age-and disease- related declines due to our lifestyle habits.

The sooner your start to plan for optimal and successful aging the better and enjoying a lifetime of independent and activities that provide joy and fulfillment the better.

It seems like a daunting task, especially when you are dealing with health or medical issues. That is where we come in. We are health/fitness professionals who specialize in taking you to the next level. We are experts in protecting your most valuable assets; your health, function, fitness, freedom, independence and quality of life by implementing lifestyle coaching and specifically designed exercise programs that make a difference.

Give us three months of training where we can prove that you can become a stronger, more functional and fit and a healthier person with stamina and energy to truly enjoy life again.

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