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Your Core: the Foundation to Withstand what Life Throws at You

You would not want to live or work in a structure that does not have a solid foundation that can support the walls, floors and roof. without a foundation a building would just crumble and fall when the stress becomes too high to withstand. The is true for your body.

Your body equally requires a solid foundation. Your foundation or core is your skeletal system, your hips, spine and supporting tissues of the abdominals and low back which are made up of muscles, ligaments and bones that need to be strong enough to provide you with strength and stability to withstand daily stresses and ability be stable during mobility and allows you to perform physical activities of daily living, such as lifting, carrying grocery bags, climbing stairs, getting up from a chair, picking up your cat, walking the dog, kneeling down or going down to the floor playing with your pet or grand child, performing recreational activities such as golf, skiing, tennis, cycling, hiking etc.

Core Support

A strong and stable core helps prevent or reduce severity of injuries from a fall, prevent injuries when lifting or lowering while loading or unloading awkward or heavy items. Did you know that low back pain is the second most common complaint heard in a doctor’s office and that low back pain is the second leading cause why people miss work?

Most of these injuries can be avoided or prevented when a you have and maintain a strong and stable core. It is not about having a six-pack, it is about being able to protect your lower back, being able to brace yourself, have good posture and use good posture while performing life’s physical activities and meeting physical demands, doing these activities with ease.

Performing an exercise program that neglects your core foundation not only increases your chance of injury, you will also not able to maximize your exercise or wellness potential, and most likely have to limit yourself due to instability.

Building Stability at the Core

No matter what your age, young teen, adult, or senior; paying attention your core, hip and spine by building or rebuilding your deeper internal abdominal muscles, strengthen muscles to support your lower back, strengthen the muscles of the hip and spine allow you to better withstand what life throws at you and be able to perform activities of daily living and recreational activities with much more ease, improve and maintain posture, benefit your stability and balance. If you are a fitness enthusiast or are engaged in sports, you will be able to excel and optimize your performance.

Let us know how we can help you strengthen weak core muscles and to fortify your frame. Exercise programs often include strengthening the deeper abdominal muscles, strengthening the muscles surrounding the hip joint, strengthen muscles that provide support for your lower back, exercises that strengthen the muscles that support and load your spine just enough to stimulate muscle rebuilding and to strengthen your bones as well as stretching exercises to loosen tight joints and improve joint range of motion, and improve flexibility.

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