Corona virus and fall risk

Many older adults are staying home in isolation to avoid infection. Decreasing activity levels or insufficient physical activity, reduces functional fitness and health in a way that it lowers your reserve and reduces the odds of survival if infected with the Corona virus.

Insufficient physical activity causes (in just a matter of a few weeks) for our body to lose muscle strength and bone density, experience stiff muscles and joints, reduced function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems which affects balance, mobility and increases the chance of falling and fall-related injuries to occur such as hip fractures, traumatic brain and other injuries.

Staying safe at home means that you need to protect yourself from the Corona virus as well as the devastating effects of fall-related injuries. Continuation of exercise is essential for your health and independence. I have received reports of increasing number of seniors falling with devastating fall-related injuries. We all hope that this will not happen to us, however hope is not a good strategy for falls prevention.

Seniors have options; in-home physical therapy and in-home personal training to prevent falls are medically necessary interventions, seniors can also choose to participation in a virtual exercise class the provides needed exercise to maintain functional fitness or receive virtual individualized exercise training.

I invite you to watch a snippet of what exercises you can expect in my Zoom exercise class to improve functional strength and exercises contributing to better balance and mobility. All you need to get started is a chair (preferably without arms) and your body.

When you like what you see, sign up for my Zoom Essential Balance & Mobility exercise class available twice a week. In addition, you can contact us for personalized exercise recommendations or to schedule a consultation.

Stay safe at home from my home to yours.


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