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Corona virus and fall risk

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Many people especially older adults are staying home physically isolated to avoid and minimize infection. Decreasing activity levels or insufficient physical activity will start to catch with us and reduces functional fitness and health in a way that it lowers your reserve and reduces the odds of survival if infected with the Corona virus.

Additionally, insufficient physical activity in just a matter of a few weeks leads to a loss of muscle strength, reduction in bone density, experience stiff muscles and joints, reduced function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems which affects our balance, mobility and increases the chances of falling and fall-related injuries to occur such as hip fractures, traumatic brain and other injuries.

Staying safe at home means protecting yourself from the Corona virus as well as the devastating effects of fall-related injuries. Continuation of exercise is essential for continued health and independence.

There are many reasons why people fall, determining what exercises are best to help clients rebuild strength, balance and mobility and develop targeted exercise programs to bring results is what we do best.

Risk screening and assessments

Fall risk screens, balance and mobility assessments, and functional fitness assessments can be done in the comfort of your home. Some assessments can be conducted virtually. Virtual training is another option for our clients to receive training using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or other platform which is widely used by many seniors and we work with clients who live locally and on the East Coast.

Options to stay well at home

Physical Therapy and Personalized Training are necessary interventions to prevent falls, avoid fall related injuries, and rebuilding balance, strength, stamina and mobility. These services with a licensed physical therapist, balance and mobility specialist or medical exercise specialist are available in the privacy and comfort of your home or virtually.

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