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Essential Balance and Mobility at Home Video

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Longterm confinement to the home for older adults can have devastating affects. Too much sitting, lying down leads to a reduction in muscle strength and bone density, it starts to affect mobility and balance and can lead to falls and fall-related injuries. Inactivity can spike blood sugar levels, blood pressure, can increase joint pain, poor posture can lead to back pain and spinal fractures, and inactive can lead to a decline an cardiorespiratory health. I want avoid the need for medical attention during this pandemic by bringing Essential Balance and Mobility Home to older adults.

Essential Balance and Mobility has been designed by me, Jacqueline Sinke and I instructed this successful and highly attended class over 10 years twice a week in the Beaverton Oregon area. I am a Certified, Medial Exercise Specialist Exercise Physiologist, FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I specialize in exercise training and program design for mature and older adults and people with chronic medical conditions to restore function, improve health, fitness and performance.

Essential Balance and Mobility provides important components for falls intervention and prevention. The class is suitable for older adults that are active now to needing a little help. Older adults have a choice of doing the featured exercise class every other day or sign up for the online progressive class program. Essential Balance and Mobility Home includes lower and upper body muscle strengthening and stretching exercises and in the 3rd class will be introducing balance exercises.

Essential Balance and Mobility Home will be available online through Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm from my living room to yours until we are able to resume normal life.

A Zoom account is free, set it up at www.zoom.us

First Zoom class is Tuesday 3/31/2020 at 3pm. For the low cost of $2.00 per class.

When you are interested in attending please contact me at info@fitnessandfunction.com

After registering we send your invite.

Stay strong, stay well and move to beat Covid-19!


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