Happy 17th. Birthday Fitness & Function

Fitness & Function is 17 years old. I founded the company in October 2003 when my life’s mission became clear, which is helping older adults stay independent at the home of their preference by providing them with targeted exercise that optimize their ability to perform independent living skills with ease, optimize function, health and fitness, slowing down age-related declines in function, better manage and control chronic medical conditions with healthy lifestyle habits, and thus optimize quality of life.

I took my business on the road and visited clients in their home or retirement community for exercise training. I was training my clients two, three to six times per week to meet their unique needs. With increasing number of clients and my desire to meet their needs I expanded to include private physical therapy and additional personal trainers and health coaches. All Fitness & Function's team members are dedicated professionals with specialized training and qualifications to work with a mainly mature and geriatric population group.

In 2019 Fitness & Function was selected Best of Portland Awards in the category of Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers.

The Corona virus and Covid-19 has hit many business and even though the future looked bleak in March, we shifted to continue to meet the unique meets of our clients. We added virtual personal training to in-home training session options which helps our clients maintain their well-being while staying safe at home. For a short time we also offered virtual training classes, however it was difficult to fill these and thus we exclusively focus on personalized exercise training. We continue to provide in person training, health coaching and physical therapy at home armed with mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, frequent hand washing, and decontaminating needed exercise equipment between each client to keep our clients and ourselves safe. During this time however, we encourage clients to purchase their own equipment to minimize change of infection.

Virtual training provides new pathways and freedoms and allows us to work with clients while they are in their home locally, their home at the beach or the mountains. Previous clients who had moved to the east coast contacted us for continued training after Corona because they were happy with the type of training they received through Fitness & Function.

I want to thank each client for their business, we would not be able to exist without you. I am looking forward to help each of our clients thrive and move better through life with the services we provide.

I also want to thank each team member: Bayla, Monica, Carlos, Laura, Luciano and Deb who is currently taking a break from working due to corona. The 2019 Best of Portland Awards in the category of Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers could not have happened without you.

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