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Keeping your strength, balance and mobility

Being home-bound and isolated to avoid the risk and spread of infection is what we all have to adapt to. When you are an older adult, have underlying medical conditions, or have both you know how important it is to prevent injury or require medical treatment during a time that hospital beds are filled with Covid-19 patients.

Maintaining and optimizing your strength, balance and mobility, maintaining a healthy and robust immune system is now more important than ever. Many people who are stuck at home are less physically activity than before we were advised to stay home. Sleeping in, taking naps, sitting down and being glued to the TV or computer is not benefiting us physically and can become also detrimental to our health.

Developing a daily routine that pulls you through this crisis is essential. A routine that includes daily physical activity which helps you maintain your strength, benefits your balance and allows you to maintain your mobility, A routine that includes healthy eating, especially foods that are anti-inflammatory and boost your immune system. Many foods common to the American diet cause inflammation, The Corina virus also causes inflammation to the respiratory system, the lungs. When we are allready battling inflammation due to the foods we eat this inflammation is not going to help with recovery for Covid-19.

As a certified medical exercise specialist, exercise physiologist, balance and mobility specialist, personal trainer and health my mission its to optimize function, health, fitness in my clients. I am urging everyone to get stay active and/or get back to making healthy lifestyle choices.

Falls prevention during Corona threat.

Inactivity and sedentary lifestyle leads to a loss in muscle strength, stiff muscles and joints, problems with balance and walking ability that can cause a fall. A hip fracture, traumatic brain injury, broken arm or shoulder which require medical attention or hospital admission can be detrimental you your health and places you at increased risk for getting infected. Inactivity can also lead to frailty that places an older adult more vulnerable to infections such as UTI, a fall and/or fall-related fracture. Exercising on your own maybe confusing even when you trainer has provided you with an exercise program to follow, You may also be not motivated to exercise during this time, worry and become depressed or more depressed.

Strength, Balance, Mobility

Exercising is important to help us maintain our muscle, so we stay strong and prevent frailty, exercise helps us to maintain cardiorespiratory health, manage our body weight, maintain balance, joint range of motion, flexibility, stability and walking ability. and reduce the chance of falling and getting injured.

Manage Blood Sugar

Regular exercise helps us to better manage blood sugar. Blood glucose levels the are spiking due to sudden sedentary behaviors can lead to medical complication. In addition the cell damage that happens can lead to peripheral neutropathy and increases the risk for dementia.

Better Manage Blood Pressure

Regular exercise helps us beter regulate blood pressure. Many older adults take blood pressure medications, when blood pressure rises to to increased stress and inactivity the risk for stroke increases as well..

Combat Depression

Regular exercise helps us to combat depression. I have provided personal training close to 30 years and I have experienced frequently that older clients tell me at the end of the training session: " I almost called you to cancel today, but I feel much better now than when you arrived'.


Making healthy lifestyle choices to improve the chance for survival includes:

  • daily physical activity

  • healthy anti-inflammatory food choices

  • targeted exercise that benefits your particular health or medical condition

During this challenging time, your personal trainer or physical therapist has the skills to help you stay strong, mobile and accountable. He or she can coach you through your training session by phone, tablet or laptop computer. The worst thing you can do is nothing at all.

Call or email your trainer and get back on a schedule. You maybe even be able to schedule an extra session each week because our phone or email coaching and training fees are much lower in-home in person personal training or physical therapy treatment sessions.. Stay in charge and control of your health and well-being and be empowered.

Choosing anti-inflammatory food to benefit health.

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