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Midlife First-Time Marathon

A study presented at the 2019 scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology found that midlife adults benefitted from anti-aging effects of running with a reduction in the age of their arteries of 4 years. The benefits appeared greatest in those who were older and slower. The study showed that cleaning and clearing up the plaque in your blood vessels is possible by completing 6 months training for marathon running.

The anti-aging effects of exercise, healthful and nourishing foods can benefit health, function, fitness and longevity.

Hiring a personal health fitness professional can be beneficial for all ages and levels of function. Whether your goal is to be able walk around the block, run your first half marathon, get up from a chair without the use of your hands or improving balance, strength and programs are customized and tailored to health and fitness status and personal preferences and goals.

Optimizing function, health, fitness throughout your lifespan can add years to your life and quality of life to your years.

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