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Outdoor personal exercise training

With the weather getting warmer we are able to venture outside for exercise and physical activity. Most fitness facilities remain closed and even if they open for business, many people do not feel comfortable enough to use the exercise equipment, and to sit and lie down on surfaces that may or not have been cleaned properly.

The outdoors provides opportunities. Bicycle sales are through the roof and even used bikes are in high demand. Bicycling is an excellent choice for cardiovascular exercise. Walking, nordic walking, hiking, jogging, running are other options.

Our trainers have a variety of certifications to provide you with plenty of opportunities for outdoor personalized exercise training. We have certified run coaches, a certified Nordic Walking Instructor, several of our trainers are suspension exercise qualified including TRX and TRX Sports Medicine qualified.

We provide exercise training to meet the need of our clients. Fitness assessments can often be performed outdoors on a back patio, back yard or even in a local park. Trainers often bring exercise equipment to be used by our clients or you can choose to purchase your own.

Plan for safe exercise by bringing and wearing your mask, hand sanitizer, water bottle, disinfecting cleaning wipes, sun glasses, sun hat and plan to have fun while exercising intelligently.

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