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I want to let you know how incredible proud I am of our health and fitness team members. In March when we were all ordered to stay at home due to Covid-19, our livelihood fell apart. Our work, our clientele we had worked so hard to build up fell apart to pieces. Yes, we were all devastated, concerned, scared for ourselves, our clients, our families - many of our families live out of state or in other countries, we felt alone and fearful. Some clients continued with personal training via virtual training, other client quit training all together due to fear of infection. Our income was uncertain and government assistance for the small entrepreneur did to not even come close to what we needed to make ends meet.

Even though we were completely floored with what was happening and the future still looks bleak and uncertain, we knew as health fitness professionals that, when all this hopefully will pass, many people, especially mature, midlife and older adults, and people with underlying medical conditions, with interrupted and lack of exercise, the lack of timely medical attention, treatments and care, new medical issues, pain, and injuries that developed since March, will need the attention of a dedicated health or fitness professional to restore function and health, and optimize fitness to pre-Covid times or better.

We all hit the books, we started to study hard, we took advantage of the many virtual courses that increased our knowledge with just one goal in our mind: to be able to better help our clients! We are all very passionate about what we do, we are dedicated professionals that really and truthfully care about our clients. We want our clients to feel and be their best, function at an optimal level, and feel alive. As health and fitness professionals, when see our clients succeed, improving function and health, that makes us work even harder, because that is what we do. Your success makes us happy and you know that happiness, unlike the corona virus is very contagious in a good way!

I like to highlight team members about what they have accomplished during this very challenging time and put their focus on something very positive, YOU, OUR CLIENT.

BAYLA, Licensed Physical Therapist plowed hard into the clinical aspects of Covid-19, how the disease is ravaging multiple body systems leaving people with just a shadow of their former self. She spend numerous hours studying and doing research on how best to help Covid-19 survivors regain health, restore function, feel capable and alive again. She completed “Clinical Concepts for COVID-19: Pathophysiology and Related Impairments”, and “Post-intensive-care syndrome (PICS)”, “Dysfunctional Breathing and Neuromusculoskeletal Pain” and more.

LAURA, ACE Personal Trainer and Run Coach

Laura completed the "TRX qualifications" in suspension exercise training and the "Lydiard Foundation Distance Running Coach Certification". These certifications provide more tools in her toolkit to better train active agers and ageless athletes.

LUCIANO, CSCS Personal Trainer

Lou attended a 2-day Virtual Functional Aging Summit and I became certified as a “Functional Aging Specialist”. This certification reaffirmed my knowledge of how to develop most effective programs and how to properly cater to the needs and desires of the active aging population. I am constantly reading new literature, learning about innovative ways to develop programs in the ever-changing study of active aging. 

CARLOS, ACSM Personal Trainer

Carlos completed the American Red Cross course “Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During Covid-19” to be better prepared and being aware of and recognizing the effects/signs of stress in older adults, younger adults, teens and children, and how to address the ones I care for.  As a fitness professional and soon to be Physical Therapist, I know how important it is to pay attention to my psychological health while striving to care for others.

Carlos is also studying to prepare for his Doctorate in Physical Therapy Exam which has been derailed somewhat due to Covid-19.

JACQUELINE, Health Coach, Medical Exercise Specialist and Exercise Physiologist

Jacqueline completed another balance specialist certification “ZIBRIO Balance Specialist”, completed the American Red Cross “Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During Covid-19”, “ACE Virtual Conference”, and additional continued eduction course to learn latest treatments and therapeutic exercise for the the hip joint in “From the Hip”, and latest exercises to enhance flexibility, mobility, enhance recovery and optimize performance with “Foam Rolling”. The courses will contribute to my ability to better help my clients in achieve their wellness goal.

We as health fitness professionals had no choice in having to figure out how to perform virtual training. We are no technical geeks and much trial and error, sleepless nights, worry and frustration were part of our lives.

We are still going the extra mile to make our clients succeed.

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