Post Covid Recovery Therapy

Recovery therapy is crucial for patients recovering from severe cases of COVID-19 and physical therapists are specialized providers.

The University of Buffalo states, “At least half of all patients who survive treatment in an intensive care unit will experience at least one of a triad of problems associated with post-intensive care syndrome, or PICS the American Thoracic Society, which states “PICS can manifest as problems with physical function, cognition, and mental health.”

However, physical therapists are perfectly positioned to help patients with functional deficits—and thanks to at-home and telehealth options, therapists can treat those patients without asking them to come into the clinic. For a more clinical dive into how PTs can treat COVID-recovered patients experiencing decreased functionality,

Virtual services offers greater flexibility for PT patients.

Virtual services have already proven to be a game changer for rehab therapy practices. Remote treatment provides a way to bridge the gap between social distancing recommendations and in-person care. And now that providers and patients alike have gotten a taste of the telehealth life, the demand for virtual services will likely linger long after the pandemic. Not only does telehealth or virtual services offer a safe alternative to in-clinic treatment for ill or immunosuppressed patients, but it also provides all patients with increased flexibility and access to care.

For mature, mid-life and older adults who are uncomfortable with the increased risk of infection when visiting a clinic for treatment our In-Home and virtual Physical Therapy services provide convenience and is a safer alternative to help you restore function, improve wellbeing, and recover from injury without relying on dangerous, costly interventions such as surgery or opioid pain medication, and prevents further declines that increase risk for falls, injury and decreasing health.

Our licensed physical therapist Bayla O'Brien provides in-home post Covid recovery therapy for clients in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Wilsonville, and Hillsboro areas. Virtual private physical therapy services can be provided as long as internet connection is available.

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