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Quest for safe senior exercise

Physical activity has beneficial effects on both body and mind; and both our physical and psychological sides complement one another. Moreover, physical activity affects systems within the body (cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, joints, ligaments) and immune system in a positive way, to work together.

Lack of exercise by contrast, is a risk factor for developing chronic diseases and infection. The Corona virus and the risk of getting infected with Covid-19 is higher for older adults and even more for those with underlying medical conditions.

Appropriate and Safe Exercise Availability

For an older adult with or without underlying medical conditions returning to a community fitness center or park district exercise program may not be safe. Class size may also be drastically reduced to allow for distance and thus many older adults may not be able to get into the appropriate or their favorite class.

Exercise and daily physical activity while staying home-bound is helping seniors to (1) minimize the risk of infection and (2) retain functional fitness and health, maintaining balance and strength, maintain cognitive function, preventing falls and simply just stay independent.

The risk of waiting too long

Not exercising on the other hand increases the risk for losing independence; increased risk for falls and injury, increased risk for worsening medical conditions due to sedentary living, decreasing brain function due to lack of stimulation and activity, reduced immune system that increases the chances of infection and premature death.

Exercising intelligently

Physical activity and exercise does not necessarily need expensive equipment and special clothes, as physical activity can be done nearly anywhere with almost no equipment. But a general recommendation is to perform to at leas 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week.

Smart exercise by utilizing personalized, safe and effective programs to help you through the Corona pandemic.

Our health and fitness professionals have many specializations, and we provide our clients with options that optimize quality of life during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

  1. Personal exercise training and health coaching in-home with both trainer and client wearing a protective mask, frequent hand washing/use of hand sanitizer or wear gloves and keeping distance. Limit your exposure while receiving optimal benefits in function, health, fitness and injury prevention with one qualified professional coming to your home.

  2. Virtual personal exercise training and health coaching is now widely used and our trainers provide personal training and coach clients down the street, across town and across the country.

  3. Outdoor exercise is also an option, we provide:

Nordic Walking instruction- clients can try a variety of Nordic Walking poles that have been sanitized so that you can try before you buy. The ‘Handbook on Brain Training for Older People’ recommends Nordic Walking for daily exercise routine as one of the three best exercise options for brain function. Nordic walking technique is beneficial for health and

fitness for the ageless athlete and active ager, for disease prevention and for better management of chronic medical conditions.

TRX suspension exercise training for all ages provides the possibility of over 300 resistance and flexibility exercises to be performed anytime and anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Personalized suspension exercise programs meet clients unique wellness needs.

Additionally, enjoy:

Hiking the great outdoors with a friend or meetup with a group. Some local, state and national parks are opening.

Bicycling, join a local bicycling group. Beginner to advanced rides are usually offered through the year. This is a great way to meet people, make friends while keeping a safe distance. Bicycles with electric assist are becoming more popular and allow participants to join and enjoy longer and more demanding challenging rides.

Let me know how I can help you. Exercise programs are individually tailored to each client's wellness goal and health and fitness status.

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