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Remote Exercise Classes

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Whether you are stuck at home because of a snow storm, corona virus, are on vacation, taking care of your grandkids or just cannot make it to class. Remote exercise training is the answer. The following classes include exercises specifically contributing to functional fitness aimed to help older adults age succesfully, maintain and extend independence.

Essential Balance and Mobility

This progressive virtual exercise class includes balance, lower and upper body muscle strengthening exercises, stretching aimed to maintain and improve strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and posture promoting functional health and independent living. Privacy concerns: Participants can choose to participate without turning on the microphone or camera for privacy. NEW Class Essential Balance and Mobility Level 2 starting May 2020 Instructed by: Jacqueline - ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist and Stay Well At Home Program Provider.  Time: remote virtual class APRIL Tue/Thu 3-4 PM PST Fee: $5.00 per class or $30 for monthly subscription   Accessibility: This virtual exercise class is accessible by downloading and logging on to Zoom. A Zoom account is free​, click here to connect to If you have MIRRORING capability on your TV, you can follow the class on a big screen.

What you need:

  • sturdy chair without arms

  • sponge ball or playground ball

  • ankle weights 2.5 to 5 pounds each.

  • set of 2, 3 to 5 or 8 pound set of hand weights or two full water bottles as hand weights 

  • flat resistive band (light to moderate intensity)

Hip, Core, Spine and More

  Exercises in this remote virtual floor class promote core strength, including pelvic floor and lumbar spine, exercises focus on strengthening the hip and spine contributing to improving joint range of motion and mobility of the hip, thoracic spine and shoulders, benefiting posture, bone density, balance, and reducing back pain. Instructed by: Jacqueline - ACE Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

Time: Virtual class is offered every April Tuesday 4:30 PM PST  (morning classes can be added depending on number of requests ) Fee: $ 6.00 per class  or $ 20.00 for monthly subscription  What you need: yoga mat or carpet on floor, pillow or yoga block, rolled up towel, and stretching strap or yoga strap.   Privacy concerns: Participants can choose to participate without turning on the microphone or camera for privacy.

Accessibility:  This virtual exercise class is accessible by downloading and logging on to Zoom. A Zoom account is free​, connect here to, If you have MIRRORING capability on your TV, you can follow the class on a big screen.

Zoom Wellness Happy Hour

Theme: How to age successfully and thrive in a new world

Join Jacqueline during this Wellness Zoom Happy Hour meeting this Thursday 4/23/2020 at 4:30 PM PST. Meeting ID 869-9738-2456

With our lives being disrupted over this last month and having to spend our days in the home to avoid getting sick from the Corona virus, the flip side is that we unwillingly increase sedentary living which increases our chances of losing function. Physical inactivity leads to increasing pains and discomfort, increasing medical problems due to inactivity and nutrition related issues such as increased blood pressure, weight gain and joint pain, depression, incontinence, elevated blood sugar, loss of bone density, falls, fractures or traumatic head injuries etc. QUESTION to attendees: 1. How are you spending your day and what is the # 1 concern for yourself? 2. What do you think will help optimize home living while in isolation and practicing self protection? Topics discussed:

  • How to follow daily recommended physical activity guidelines and keeping up with exercises specifically to optimize your medical condition such as balance, mobility, strength, bone density, joint pain, pack pain, blood sugar, dizziness, etc.

  • Challenges with maintaining optimum nutrition and portion size control while at home steps away from the pantry

  • Getting more comfortable with technology to help us stay connected, we can teach old dogs new tricks /zoom, google hangout, FaceTime, whatsApp, Skype, other than a phone call or email. Challenging our brains, learning something new boosts brain function and grows new brain cells and combats dementia especially when combined with physical activity which is called - neuroplasticity.

Connect to classes, trainings and meetings through Zoom

Yes, you can teach an old dog new trick

  1. A Zoom account is free, set up you account at WWW.ZOOM.US

  2. Then click on orange box 'SIGN UP, IT’S FREE' and sign up with your email address, remember your password you need to enter this when you access ZOOM to take a class, a training session or attend a meeting.

  3. When you like to attend a class, meeting or training click on the blue link 'JOIN A MEETING'

  4. Enter the MEETING ID and enter Password when meeting requires it.

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