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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

You may know of your health fitness team members only in their role as a personal trainer, physical therapist or health coach, however some of us wear different hats when we step into our volunteer role. I like to highlight those of us who spend significant amount of their free time as volunteers helping to improve or provide help in their own community and another communities .


- personal trainer and health coach

Volunteer role: Sponsorship Director - Disciples Village, Haiti

I have volunteered with Disciples’ Village in Haiti from its beginning in 2010 when it opened after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the island. The initial focus was to rescue the street orphans and providing them with a safe place, clean water, food, and clothing. It is now an established ministry in Haiti and provides education with a school, a medical clinic, and food distribution to surrounding villages.

My job is being a Sponsorship Director for the orphanage which provided opportunity to connect me with people from many walks of life. I connect interested families and individuals in the United States with the children in the orphanaIge. I help the American sponsors get to know their sponsor child and they even have the possibility to visit the child in Haiti.

I take time off work to travel to Haiti several times a year, staying 1-2 weeks and work with the staff as we visit various surrounding villages where we have ongoing relationships.

Together with my husband we are also sponsors and sponsor two young ladies. I enjoy spending time with them when I am in Haiti, and watching them grow into contributing Haitian young adults is a blessing.

(Monica provides virtual personal training while working since she recently moved to Virginia.)


- medical exercise specialist, health coach and business owner

Volunteer role: - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer member - NW Biycle Safety Council excecutive Board member and volunteer

(CERT) is a FEMA program used by municipalities all over the country to learn, practice and promote emergency preparedness and resiliency in their communities. I am a CERT volunteer member trained to safely respond to an emergency on the family, neighborhood and community level, and I can provide assistance when first responders are unavailable. I became CERT certified in 2019 when the NW Bicycle safety Council started the process of dismantling after several decades.

In this picture I volunteered to assist in traffic flow management at a COVID-19 test site in Beaverton.

NW Bicycle Safety Council excecutive board member and master helmet fitter

I have volunteered for this organization over 15 years and have been involved in

educating children and adults to safely use the road riding bicycles. I have been a master helmet fitter and fitted thousands of helmets on the heads of children and adults in the various community events in Beaverton, Portland and surrounding areas.

(picture shows me fitting a helmet for the mayor of Beaverton during Bike Beaverton) Over the 15+ years I filled the role as treasurer, advisory board member and executive board member as well. The organization ceased to exist spring 2020.


- physical therapist

Volunteer role: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer member

Deb is also a CERT certified volunteer however currently placed this volunteer role on hold during the COVID-19 time due to a family member being high risk and that she wants to minimize infection risk.

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