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The Virtual Functional Fitness Test

The functional fitness test previously called Senior Fitness Test was developed to measure the physical abilities needed to remain mobile and physically independent in later years among older adults 60 to 90 years and older. This test measures the capacity needed to perform everyday functions safely and independently without excess fatigue.

Maintaining adequate strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and balance is critical whether our later-life interests are playing golf, climbing mountains or performing simple everyday tasks such as climbing stairs, getting out of a chair or bathtub without assistance.

Physical frailty commonly associated with aging often leaves someone vulnerable to injury, illness, and disability which could be reduced or prevented if we paid more attention to our physical activity level and fitness as we age, especially if evolving weaknesses could be detected and treated early on.

The functional fitness test does just that. It indicates if someone’s functional fitness level is Below Average (< 25%), Average (25% to 75%), and Above Average(>75%), or meets the fitness standard. The ‘FITNESS STANDARD’ indicate the scores older adults should strive for at their age in order to be able to remain physically independent until late in life (90+).

We have created a video in which we demonstrate the four assessments best associated with independent living skills. We will give simple instructions so that the assessments can be done virtually through zoom.

During in-person in-home personal training and physical therapy sessions we usually complete all 6 assessments. While we are working more with clients virtually we only perform the most essential.

  • 30- Second Chair stand test-measures lower body strength

  • Arm curl test- measures upper body strength

  • 2 Minute step test- measures aerobic endurance

  • 8-Foot up and go test- measures dynamic balance and agility

Your test administrator will be taking you through each assessment and timing each test. He or she will also be recording the tests so that scores can be double checked afterwards. Your test administrator will evaluate these test scores, provide feedback and a report that shows your current functional fitness level and a personalized exercise program will be developed that meets your unique wellness goal.

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