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Weight shift to one-leg stand progression exercise video

In this video you will be learning some exercise progressions for the weight shift to one leg stand base movement important for balance and stability.  No matter if your balance is important for sport performance, performance for life, or falls prevention, this base foundational movement is important.

The exercises shown in this video are not suitable for everyone. When you are at increased fall risk you, consulting a certified balance and mobility specialist or physical therapist is recommended. Please observe our safety guidelines for virtual training prior to performing this balance exercise.

Increasing balance challenge

The end of the video includes information on how to increase the balance challenge.

Balance control is complicated with multiple sensory inputs and numerous muscles that need to be coordinated for everything that you do. It takes about 200 muscles to coordinate for a single step.

Maintaining your balance for life

It takes about 4 to 8 weeks of two to three times a week of balance training to see improvement in balance. You need to exercise at least 6 to 12 months to keep those changes. In order to maintain good balance for life, balance exercises need to be practices regularly and when health or medical status changes the exercises must be adapted to meet your specific balance disorder, be personalized to meet your unique goal for exercises to be beneficial.

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