Personal Training

In-Home Personal Training

Personal training is tailored to each client's health, fitness, medical status and wellness needs. Exercise programs meet national guidelines and are specifically designed to improve abilities, health, and prevent or better manage health  issues throughout life.


We provide personal training for the following 
wellness goals and medical conditions.

  • Optimizing fitness, health, function, balance, and performance

  • Weight loss and weight management

  • Restorative exercise to return optimal alignment and posture

  • Diabetes type 1 and type 2

  • Cancer

  • Hypertension(High Blood Pressure)

  • High cholesterol (LDL) or blood lipid disorders

  • Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia

  • Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis

  • Peripheral neuropathy

  • Total body weight-loss, fat-loss, weight-gain

  • Balance and mobility(gait) disorders including falls intervention and prevention programming

  • Stroke, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, 

  • Incontinence

  • Joint replacement (hip, knee, etc) 

  • Frailty, muscle weakness, and imbalance, posture corrective exercise

  • Asthma, COPD

  • Back and spine problems including low back pain. 

  • We provide training for clients with cognitive impairment( dementia, Alzheimer's)

Functional Fitness and Clinical Exercise Training Programs


Our personal trainers are Certified Exercise Physiologists, Medical Exercise Specialists, Orthopedic Exercise Specialists with additional specialty certifications and have many years of experience. We train clients with often multiple complex medical conditions.


For clients with cognitive declines (dementia and Alzheimer’s), personalized exercise programs are designed to maximize functional fitness, and to slow down age-and disease-related declines to remain functionally independent for as long as possible. 


To maximize health outcomes our personal trainers often train clients who simultaneously receive Home Health Services, Outpatient Physical Therapy, and cancer treatment.

Your Personal Trainer is the Clinical Link 

Our fitness professionals represent a critical link between clinic and community, serving as a valued member of the patient healthcare team and work alongside healthcare providers and other allied health professionals. 

Transitioning from Physical Therapy

A continuum of focused exercise is needed to retain function and skills gained through physical therapy. Stopping or reducing the exercise regimen will result in a decline in function and fitness. Specialized personal training programs help clients not only maintain function but also optimize fitness, health and slow down age-related and/or disease-related declines in function.


Home Fitness Care is a unique wellness service that is aimed to help older adults improve and retain functional ability and health throughout life. Home Fitness Care is especially beneficial to help older adults keep the skills gained through physical therapy and provides opportunity to further enhance functional ability and avoid inactivity related declines in function.


Without regular and consistent exercise the skills gained through physical therapy will be lost quickly and can leave the individual with less function than prior to receiving physical therapy. 


Home Fitness Care is personalized exercise training delivered by a certified personal trainer with geriatric exercise experience. Ongoing exercise training is effective when received at a minimum of two times per week, and optimal benefits can be expected training three to even five times per week. 


Consistent and ongoing supervised exercise is aimed at helping clients

  • Maintain skills gained through physical therapy and further improve in function and fitness

  • Slow down age- and disease-related declines 

  • Prevent falls and injury

  • Prevent frailty, muscle weakness, and instability

  • Improve mood, reduce pain, and feel better

  • Stay independent longer

  • Perform and execute exercises correctly and safely which is especially important with cognitive declines and memory problems

  • Avoid inactivity-related declines in functional ability and health

  • Add years to their life and quality of life to their years 


Home Fitness Care is provided by fitness professionals and is not to be confused with Home Health. Home Fitness Care is provided by certified personal trainers with Senior Fitness Certification, or are Exercise Physiologists, Medical Exercise Specialists, FallProof Balance & Mobility Specialists, and/or Stepping On workshop leaders.

Active Aging and Lifelong Independence

Declines in fitness occur gradually over a period of many years.  These declines in function are often a combination of  (1) aging process, (2) physical inactivity or the habit of too much sitting, (3) disease or illness. These conditions accumulate to the point that they become noticeable and dysfunction happens and loss of independence. 

Redefine the way you age and how you can age with appropriate intervention. Research shows that slowing down, stopping and even reversing the loss of function is possible. Even at an advanced age, 90+ years and beyond, people can improve in function and extend functional health and independence.


Intervention is necessary when you or a loved one experiences increasing difficulty with walking, getting up from a chair, getting in and out of a car, or bathtub, difficulty climbing stairs, problems with balance, a fall or close fall with or without injury, frailty, stiff muscles and joints.

Nordic Walking


Nordic walking provides a total body workout for
ALL AGES and benefits fitness and health. Because of its versatility and adaptability Nordic Walking is a valuable mode of exercise to individuals with medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, beginning balance problems, Parkinson's Disease, MS and more.
Nordic Walking started out as a summer training exercise for cross country skiers in Finland.


A Full Body Workout

Nordic Walking participants utilize   20% more of the body's muscles during each workout (70% vs. 90%). Nordic walking uses both upper and lower body muscles.


Better Posture and Gait

Nordic walking promotes good posture, better walking with heel strike and increased step length, and arm swing. 

Benefits to Active Agers

As our bodies age, our gait or walking ability changes such as reduced step length, head forward posture, reduced joint range of motion, limited flexibility, loss of sensation in the feet and/or hands, etc.  

Nordic Walking can bring the joy back into your walking and a spring back in your step.

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