In-Home and Virtual
Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Health Coaching and More...
for Mature, Midlife and Older Adults
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Healthy, Vibrant and Active Aging Throughout the Lifespan

In-home Health and fitness services in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro,  
Sherwood and surrounding areas.

Virtual Exercise Training available for just about everywhere

Welcome to Fitness & Function

When wellness and fitness services individually tailored to meet your unique need is what you are looking for, then you have found the right place. We specialize in personal exercise training, physical therapy and health coaching for mature, midlife, and older adult clients with in-home and virtual personalized services. 
Fitness & Function is a small business based in Portland Oregon in operation since 2003, and recipient of the Best of Portland Award in the Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers category in 2019.

Whether your goal is optimizing and maintaining a high level of fitness and health, reducing your risk for developing chronic illness, better manage and treating a medical condition(s), restoring physical function, active aging, delaying and slowing down the aging process, preserving brain health and the physical ability to function well in older years, prevention and intervention for falls, frailty and injury, or planning for longevity and staying independent, we have helped many clients achieve and maintain their wellness goal.


The health and fitness professionals with Fitness & Function are passionate about helping clients live vibrant and active lives. We develop customized programs tailored to each client's health, fitness, medical status and wellness goal. Start your journey here with us and give yourself the best chance for living a long, active and healthy life.


We are looking to expand our team of qualified health and fitness professionals.
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We created the business model that is based on
the old fashion house call where the client is the primary focus.

Our health and fitness professionals meet with clients once, twice, three, to even five times per week, every other week or once a month. A regular and consistent regimen of exercises specifically tailored to each client's health, fitness and medical status combined with healthy lifestyle habits contribute to the best outcome in achieving wellness goals. 


Covid-19 safety and protection
Maintaining and optimizing function, health, fitness and building up a reserve to withstand what life throws at us is now more important than ever.  A strong and healthy body is essential for disease and injury prevention, and healthy lifestyle habits help boost the immune system. With most people now being vaccinated, wearing a protective mask may no longer be necessary. However, we as health fitness professionals will continue to wear a 
face mask when the client request this or when the health fitness professional prefers to do so.

Our client safety is of utmost importance.

As Accredited and Certified Fitness Professionals (Exercise Physiologist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Cancer Exercise Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Health Coach, Personal Trainers, Brain Health Trainer), Balance and Mobility Specialists, and Licensed Physical Therapists, we provide wellness services for clients with a range of wellness goals and varying levels of fitness, abilities and health challenges, and often multiple and complex chronic medical conditions. 

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In-Home and Virtual Personal Training and Medical Fitness Training

Maturity and aging bring new opportunities and challenges to life. Preparing the body to fully enjoy this phase of life begins by optimizing fitness, function, athletic performance, health, reducing the risk for chronic illness, and better managing or treating existing chronic medical conditions through exercise programs tailored to meet your wellness goal.
Exercise is 

In-Home Physical Therapy

At one or more points in your life, you may need a physical therapist to restore function, regain balance or gait, to rehabilitate after an injury or after a newly diagnosed medical condition.


Our Private Physical Therapy services started with the belief that our clients deserve more with hands-on progressive treatments that are customized to match each client's specific need.

Senior Physiotherapy
In-Home Balance, Mobility and Falls Prevention Training

There are many reasons why people lose balance and feel unstable.  Most falls happen in and around the home and thus makes the home the best place for balance and mobility training. 


Intervention is recommended for individuals with moderate to high fall risk, and individuals who have experienced a fall with or without injuries.

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Health Coaching
& Diabetes Prevention Coaching

We help people live higher-quality lives by improving their health and fitness habits. Whether you desire to increase your activity level, improve your eating habits, because your doctor advised you to, want to lose weight, reverse pre-diabetes, better manage type 2 diabetes, or increase energy, as health coach we help people live higher-quality lives by improving heir health and fitness habits.

First aid cardiopulmonary resuscitation
AHA First Aid, CPR, AED Training

Receive training and qualification in AHA Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED for individuals or small groups in the comfort of your home or convenience of your office. 


We provide class room style training to clients at place of business or private home and Remote eLearning option with
in-person Skills Practice (Part 2) and Skills Testing (Part 3). 


2019 Best of Portland Awards

in the category of 

Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers


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Our History


Fitness & Function was established in 2003 by Jacqueline Sinke after her extensive work in the fitness field providing personal fitness training, group exercise, strength training research instruction, exercise for Department of Defense and federal government, corporate fitness, and for
independent and assisted living communities by designing exercise programs 

that addressed the unique wellness needs for people ages 40 to 100 and beyond.


Fitness & Function builds on the best practices, experiences and expertise of its certified and licensed
health and fitness professionals to provide optimal benefits to its clients.

We are exercise professionals with NCCA accredited certifications or possess
the Exercise Is Medicine (EIM) Credential.

We work with referred patients and develop on-going relationships with healthcare providers and practices.


We are a VIVA VILLAGE Vetted Vender