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Welcome to Fitness & Function


Fitness & Function specializes in in-home personal training, health coaching, a private physical therapy. We are meeting the unique need of midlife adults (50-64) and older adults (65 and beyond) and tailoring our services to meet and exceed their wellness goals such as optimizing function, health, fitness, physical performance, reducing the risk for chronic illness and injuries, preventing age-, disease- and inactivity related medical conditions, retaining independence to advanced age, improving quality of life and thus contributing to resilient longevity.


We provide speaking events through wellness seminars for various groups and organizations throughout the year. Fitness & Function has been providing training classes and skills renewals in American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED training to clients in their home and business.

Fitness & Function is located in Portland Oregon and have been in business since 2003. We created the business model that is based on the old fashion house call where the client is the primary focus. 

Our dedicated health & fitness professionals care passionately about our client's wellness and strive for them to have a great exercise experience each and every training/treatment session. 


We meet with our clients once, twice, to five times per week, every other week or once a month at an ongoing basis.  A regular and consistent regimen of targeted exercise, physical activity contributes to best outcome in achieving wellness goals. 


We are mobile health and fitness professionals and specialize in improving the lives of individuals 40 to 100+ years of age throughout their lifespan. We promote Lifestyle Medicine, adoption of healthy lifestyle habits to prevent and even reverse many of the common chronic diseases and to maximize our client’s wellness potential. 


As Accredited Certified Fitness Professionals (Exercise Physiologists, Medical Exercise Specialists, Cancer Exercise Trainer, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers), Balance and Mobility Specialists, and Licensed Physical Therapists, we train clients with a range of wellness goals and varying levels of fitness, abilities and health challenges, often with multiple and complex chronic medical conditions. 

HISTORY: Fitness & Function builds on the best practices, experience and expertise of its certified and licensed health fitness professionals to provide optimal benefits to it clients. Fitness & Function was established 2003 by Jacqueline Sinke after extensive work in the health and fitness field providing personalized and group exercise with clients age 40 to 98 and beyond.

In-Home Personal Training

Maturity and aging bring new opportunities and enrichment to life. Preparing the body to fully enjoy this phase begins by optimizing fitness, health, function, reducing the risk for developing chronic medical conditions, or better managing and treating existing chronic medical conditions.


Whether you desire to walk your dog everyday, travel and complete your bucket list, start a second career, spend active time with grandkids, gardening, bicycling around Oregon, volunteering or just want to remain as healthy as possible, we are experts in our field and develop exercise training programs to help you reach your goal.


Exercise programs are individually tailored and designed according to:

  • your wellness goal and plans to spend your midlife and retirement years

  • current and past health and medical history

  • recommendations from your health care provider

  • initial baseline assessment and vital signs collected


Our fitness professionals represent a critical link between clinic and community, often serving as valued members of the patient's healthcare team, physicians, physical therapists, and other allied health professionals.


We train our clients in the comfort and privacy of their home, and we can also meet up with clients at urban green spaces, parks in and around the city. 

In-Home Physical Therapy


At one or more points in your life, you may need a physical therapist to restore function, regain balance or gait, to rehabilitate after an injury or after a newly diagnosed medical condition.


Our Private Physical Therapy services started with the belief that our clients deserve more.

In-home physical therapy services provide treatment for a wide range of conditions such as:  Parkinson's, stroke, traumatic brain injury, compression fracture, or maybe you are in need of an ergonomic evaluation and adjustment to prevent development of chronic and permanent medical issues due work habits.   

Our physical therapists provide more engagement with hands-on progressive treatments that are customized to match each client's specific needs.


Clients receive the full attention of the physical therapist for one hour. Longer treatment sessions are possible when desired. In-home private physical therapy is convenient and time efficient.

Balance, Mobility and
Falls Prevention Programs


In-Home personalized exercise training is available to restore and reestablish balance, mobility, strength, stability and functional fitness.


Immediate intervention is recommended for individuals with moderate to high fall risk, and individuals who have experienced a fall with or without injuries.


The Good News is that MOST falls are preventable with the appropriate intervention.


Falls are:

  • not an inevitable part of aging

  • not a normal part of aging

  • the aging process by itself does not cause someone to fall. 


Balance and mobility specific exercise programs are carefully constructed and tailored to the balance impairment for maximum benefit.

Home Fitness Care


Keep the skills you have gained through physical therapy and further improve and maintain your functional ability and wellness with Home Fitness Care.


Home Fitness Care helps older adults stay independent in their own home. Training sessions help older adults retain the necessary skills to maintain their ability to perform activities of daily living with more ease and less fatigue.


Home Fitness Care is a continuum of personalized exercise training delivered by a certified personal trainer with geriatric exercise experience two, three to five times per week at an ongoing basis.

Without regular and consistent exercise, the skills achieved through physical therapy will be lost quickly and often leaves the individual with less function than prior to receiving physical therapy. 


Health Coaching


Whether you need to improve your lifestyle habits because your doctor advised you to; have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or high blood pressure; are fed up with feeling sick and tired, stressed, running on empty, feeling out of shape and knees are hurting all the time?


A Health Coach may be your best option to achieve desired the results and helping you turn your life around. A Health Coach facilitates healthy lifestyle changes through nutritional education, WFPB food benefits to your health, behavior-change coaching, and exercise training.

Wellness Seminars


Ignite your audience and motivate your group with wellness seminars that are educational as
inspirational and redefine aging, 


We have several presentations to choose from
and many can be customized to meet the
need of your audience.


Presentations are about 90 minutes and
include 15 minute Q/A.

American Heart Association Heartsaver
First Aid, CPR, AED Training


Receive training and qualification in AHA Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED for individuals or small groups in the comfort of your home or convenience of your office. 

We provide first-time student classes as well as a renewal of qualifications by evaluating Part 2 of eLearning Skill Practice and Skill Evaluation. 

Exercise is Medicine

We are exercise professionals with NCCA accredited certifications and/or possess the Exercise Is Medicine (EIM) Credential.

As accredited exercise professionals we work with referred patients and develop on-going relationships with healthcare providers and practices.


We are a VIVA VILLAGE vetted vender


Our Specializations

Our Health and Fitness Professionals have obtained specialized certifications such as FallProof™ Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor from the Center for Successful Aging at California State University-Fullerton, Stay Well At Home Program-California State University Fullerton, OhioHealth 'Delay The Disease' #1 Parkinson's Exercise program. 'Stepping On' -Empowering and Reducing Falls in Older Adults from the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging and endorsed by the Oregon Health Authority, Motor Learning, Nordic Walking, Aquatics Exercise, Tai Chi Movement for better balance, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Ergonomics Evaluation Specialist, and TRX Sports Medicine suspension exercise training. 


Health Equals Wealth

When we turn 65 years and are in ill health the expected cost to address our healthcare needs are $500,000.00 and increases out-of-pocket cost. Maintaining or optimizing our health, functional ability and fitness level well beyond 65 is possible, directly affects the quality of life, and has its financial benefits.  Even at an advanced age (90+ years of age), people can make improvements in function, health, and fitness and avoid, postpone or even eliminate long-term care.


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