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Welcome to Fitness & Function

In-Home and Virtual

Personal Training, Private Physical Therapy, Health Coaching, Geriatric Exercise Training

for Mature, Midlife and Older Adults


Autism Exercise Training 

for kids, teens and adults

When wellness and fitness services individually tailored to meet your unique need is what you are looking for, then you have found the right place. We specialize in personalized exercise training, private physical therapy and health coaching for mature, midlife, older adults and active agers with
in-home in-person and virtual services. We help clients become stronger, better, more vibrant and energetic to live life their way. Regular physical activity (PA) is both health-promoting and important for disease treatment and prevention with numerous benefits that contribute to a disability-free lifespan.


Fitness & Function is a small business based in Portland Oregon in operation since 2003 and is the recipient of the Best of Portland Award in the Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers category in 2019.

We created the business model that is based on

the old fashion house call where the client is the primary focus.

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What we do

Whether your goal is optimizing and maintaining a high level of fitness and health, active and vibrant aging, reducing your risk for developing chronic illness, better manage and treat medical conditions, exercise oncology, restoring physical function, delaying and slowing down the aging process, preserving brain health and the physical ability to function well in older years, balance an mobility training, falls prevention, preventing frailty, or
pre- and post- op exercise for successful knee or hip replacement?  
We have helped many clients achieve and maintain their wellness goal.

Autism Exercise

Fitness & Function provides inclusive exercise solutions designed with autistic individuals in mind. We offers a variety of Autism exercise options, use Exercise Buddy and incorporate in the exercise program six evidence based practices for autism. Parents rate exercise as the Number 1 treatment for autism.

Passionate Health and Fitness Professionals

The health and fitness professionals with Fitness & Function are passionate about helping clients live vibrant and active lives. We develop customized programs tailored to each client's health, fitness, medical status, wellness goal and need. Start your journey with us and give yourself the best chance for living a long, active and healthy life.

Our health and fitness professionals meet with clients once, twice, three, to even five times per week, every other week or once a month. We meet clients at their private home, senior residence or virtually on line.  A regular and consistent regimen of targeted exercises combined with healthy lifestyle habits contribute to the best outcome in achieving wellness goals and long-term independence. 

The benefit of having a skilled exercise trainer who by the nature of his/her profession can detect small but important changes in motor function that patients, relatives, or clinicians themselves may not be able to detect in the early stages of a developing medical condition such as brain metastases in a cancer patient, or changes in movement with someone at risk for stroke or TIA’s. In early stages when detected this may prolong life or prevent further loss of quality of life. This highlights the importance of proper qualification and education, especially for supervising people with chronic diseases like cancer and those at risk for stroke, and the advantages of supervised exercise training several times per week where the trainer knows how your body functions and responds. 

Fitness & Function is accepting applications for a personal trainer who specializes in older adult and geriatric exercise to accept clients for in-home training in Portland, Milwaukie and Happy Valley areas. 


Covid-19, flu and RSV safety and protection

Maintaining and optimizing function, health, fitness and building up a reserve to withstand what life throws at us is now more important than ever. We as health fitness professionals will wear a face mask upon client request or when the health fitness professional prefers to do so. Our client safety is of our utmost importance.

Certified, Accredited and Licensed

​As Accredited and Certified Fitness Professionals  ACSM Exercise Physiologist, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, ACSM/ACS Cancer Exercise Trainer, ACE Health Coach, ACE Personal Trainers, Brain Health Trainer,  Balance and Mobility Specialists, and Licensed Physical Therapists, we provide health and fitness services for clients with a range of wellness goals and varying levels of fitness, abilities and health challenges, and with often multiple and complex chronic medical conditions. ​​

In-home Health and fitness services in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro,  
Forrest Grove, Sherwood and surrounding areas.
Virtual Exercise Training available globally

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