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Maintaining functional health, brain health and the skills to live independently requires daily physical activity and regular exercise. Many older adults lose function, have reduced physical ability, and often experience accelerated cognitive decline due to insufficient activity of too much sitting, reclining and lying down, or inactivity after an injury or a fall.  


Home Fitness Care is personalized exercise training delivered by a certified personal trainer or physical therapist with geriatric exercise specialization. Personalized exercise sessions are delivered two, three to even five times a week at an ongoing basis to ensure the older adult receives the needed physical activity and exercise to maintain and optimize function and health, and slow down decline.


Consistent and ongoing appropriately supervised exercise is aimed at helping clients:

  • Maintain skills gained through physical therapy and further enhance and optimize function, fitness and increase a higher level reserve.

  • Slow down age- and disease-related declines in function

  • Prevent falls and injury

  • Prevent frailty, muscle weakness, and instability

  • Improve mood, reduce pain, and feel better

  • Stay independent longer and avoid or postpone assisted living or nursing home care

  • Perform and execute exercises correctly and safely which is especially important with cognitive declines and memory problems

  • Avoid inactivity-related declines in functional ability and health

  • Add years to life and quality of life to the client's years 

Financial considerations

Physical activity and exercise are essential for preserving physical and brain health and for slowing down functional and cognitive declines. Insufficient physical activity accelerates both the loss in physical function and accelerates cognitive declines. Even though one-on-one personalized exercise training two to three times per week or daily are best. We understand that financial considerations are important for sustained long-term brain health and physical activity and exercise plans to be possible for some clients.

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The Health Fitness Professional  provides a daily and weekly physical activity and exercise plan which is facilitated by the client's caretaker. This allows more flexibly to spread the various activities throughout the day for tolerability and enjoyment (from 7 to 30 minutes).

Physical activity/exercise plan is updated and adapted by the health fitness professional during the prescheduled monthly visits and goals updated every three months.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

Caretaker assisted virtual personalized exercise training

The caretaker assists the older adult client with physical or cognitive limitations, and/or increased fall risk during virtual personalized training or physical therapy sessions.

Shorter and more frequent training sessions are possible for enjoyment and tolerability (30, 45 or 60 minute).

Caretaker facilitated personalized exercise plans

*** Home Fitness Care is not to be confused with Home Health Care *** 

Why our clients choose Home Fitness Care

  • Making sure the older adult receives the necessary exercises carefully supervised for safety and optimal benefit and can be provided two to six times per week.

  • When exercises are recommended by healthcare provider or physical therapist are being continued under appropriate supervision

  • To monitor vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse, when appropriate we  remind client to check blood sugar or oxygen level

  • Monitor fall risk, balance and mobility as part of the training session and conduct further assessment when stays changes

  • Exercise programs are specifically tailored to the client's health, medical status and wellness goal and are adapted to changes in health and medical status throughout the age-span


What you need to get started

  • Signed 'Medical Release for Exercise and Testing' from the healthcare provider. By letting your doctor know about your plans, it allows him/her to communicate any limitations, restrictions or guidelines that need to be taken into account for designing your exercise program.

  • Complete a Health and Medical History Questionnaire and other administrative forms

  • When available, include physical therapy discharge notes or documentation of exercises your physical therapist want you to continue with.


An individualized exercise program may include the following

(1) resistance training exercises

(2) stretching and range of motion exercise 

(3) multisensory balance and mobility training 

(4) cardiovascular exercise training 

(5) falls prevention and intervention programming

Many of our clients 90+ years of age (our oldest client is currently 98) have been able to avoid and eliminate assisted living or nursing home care.


Where we provide Home Fitness Care

We provide Home Fitness Care in the comfort and privacy of our client's home, independent living, assisted living, adult care home or other senior living residence.


Palliative Fitness Care

Palliative exercise is provided for clients in the advanced stages of a life-threatening disease. The therapeutic exercise program is designed to slow down functional declines due to the disease process, improve circulation and digestion, reduce pain, maintain muscle strength and prevent frailty, help decrease fatigue, reduce symptoms and improve mood.

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