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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking provides a total body workout for all ages and benefits fitness and health,, body and mind while enjoying the outdoors.


Because of its versatility and adaptability Nordic Walking is a valuable mode of exercise to individuals with medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, lymphedema, beginning balance problems, Parkinson's Disease, MS and more.

Nordic Walking initially started out as a summer training exercise for cross country skiers in Finland.


A Full Body Workout

Nordic Walking participants utilize 20% more of the body's muscles during each workout (70% vs. 90%). Nordic walking uses both upper and lower body muscles.


Better Posture and Gait

Nordic walking promotes good posture, better walking with heel strike and increased step length, and arm swing. 


Benefits to Active Agers

As our bodies age, our gait or walking ability changes such as reduced step length, head forward posture, reduced joint range of motion, limited flexibility, loss of sensation in the feet and/or hands, etc.  

Nordic Walking can bring the joy back into your walking and a spring back in your step.

Nordic Walking Training

Jacqueline is a ANWA certified Nordic Walking instructor since 2015. Nordic Walking training is instructed through one-on-one private sessions or small group training, or as part of your personal exercise program. Meet up in neighborhood or park. 




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