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About Us

Specializing in helping people move better through life by optimizing function, health, and fitness

Our Story

Fitness & Function was founded by Jacqueline Sinke in 2003 after extensive work in the health and fitness field (since 1992)providing personal fitness training, group exercise, and strength training with various population groups in research settings.  She has provided personal training and group fitness for active duty military and the Department of Defense personnel, worked in corporate fitness settings, and in 2000 developed and implemented exercise programs for over 20 independent-and assisted-living communities. During this time it became clear that many of the residents could have remained functionally independent if they received regular and targeted exercise in their mature and retirement years. 


Adopting healthier lifestyle habits can prevent the inactivity-related declines in function, reduce the chance for development of chronic disease, prevent frailty,  and increase the chances for remaining independent for life. 


In 2003, Jacqueline decided to make it her business to bring personal training and geriatric exercise to mature and senior clients in the comfort of their home. Over the years she expanded services and added passionate team members. 


Fitness & Function builds on the best practices, experiences and expertise of its certified and licensed health and fitness professionals to provide optimal benefits to its clients.

Meet The Team

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