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Balance, Mobility, Falls Prevention Programming

Creating better balance and mobility for living well


Balance is a key indicator of our physical health because the ability to stand and walk is a strong predictor of survival in older adults. Maintaining sufficient balance, mobility and strength is a priority in exercise programming when an independent lifestyle is desired.  Between older adults, the physical abilities vary widely and generally deteriorate to an extent over the lifespan. Good balance and mobility is necessary to perform daily activities, to enjoy recreational activities, and are essential for engaging in an active aging lifestyle.

​An important objective of an effective balance and mobility program is to challenge, but not exceed our client's capabilities by systematically introducing balance and mobility tasks of increasing complexity. This structured approach to design and implementation of a balance and mobility program reduces the many risk factors that contribute to falling. The activities are performed in a variety of practice environments that simulate activities encountered during daily life.  The FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist can also incorporate the balance exercises as part of an overall client centered exercise program, however, when someone is at increased fall risk following an intensive 24 session 12- week program is recommended. After the 12-week program a maintenance program can be developed that can slow down age- and disease-related declines in function.

Balance exercises are most successful when the exercises target

the specific impairment or weakness that causes loss of balance. 

With a new client who is  beginning to experiencing changes in balance and/or has a fall history, we conduct a 
Pre-Exercise Screen to determine possible impairments and identify strengths and weaknesses. We conduct a Fall Risk Screen and a multi-sensory balance and mobility assessment and functional fitness assessment.


We measure vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate as part of the pre-exercise screen. We then carefully review our client's  health and medical history, any recommendations made by their healthcare provider, and most recent bone density scan (if available) to check fracture risk. We then develop a multicomponent physical activity and exercise program unique to the client, and schedule the personal training sessions.

Senior Mobility on Yoga Ball

Are you at risk?

Have you experienced a stumble, trip, slip, a fall or near fall with or without injury?


Do you have difficulty walking or trouble navigating through the home? 

Are you holding onto the furniture while walking through your home?

Are you experiencing dizziness when getting up from bed or chair, dizziness while turning, have

stiff muscles or joints?


Are you or a loved one avoiding activities because of a fear of falling and being embarrassed when losing balance? 

Do you need additional training in appropriate use of a cane or walker? 

There are many reasons why people fall. Even minor changes in strength, posture, ankle range of motion, changes in vision, reaction time can make this little stumble lead to a fall-related injury and can cause a wrist-, shoulder-, or hip-fracture, cuts, scrapes and bruises or more.


Consistency with physical activity and targeted exercise to establish and re-establish stability and mobility, strength, endurance, flexibility, core function, static and dynamic balance is needed to truly see improvements in quality of life, 

FallProof™ Balance and Mobility Training Program

Multi dimensional and multi-sensory exercise training

Participants of the FallProof™ balance and mobility training program have shown significant improvements in balance, lower body strength, functional mobility, balance related self-confidence. FallProof™ was recognized in 2003 by the National Council on Aging as one of seven exemplary model programs in the United States promoting healthy aging and improved quality of life. FallProof™ developed at the Center for Successful Aging at California State University Fullerton, was awarded "Best Practice" program for fall reduction programming by the National Council on Aging (NCOA).  

The FallProof program has proven to reduce the risk factors that contribute to falls. The 
multi-dimensional and multi-sensory balance and mobility exercise training are ideal for people  55+ up just beginning to experience balance changes to the individual with a history of falls and/or multiple risk factors for falling.

There are two levels of FallProof™ Balance and Mobility training available, each unique and tailored to the need of each client.

  • 'FallProof™' is suitable for the older adult who has noticed or experienced a change in balance or increasing balance problems, and/or had a near fall, or experienced a fall with or without injury, and is living independently.

  • 'FallProof™ Adult Health Day Care' is suitable for the older adult at high risk for falling, is frail, uses a walker or cane, has history of falls, and has moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to multiple risk factors. This FallProof level program is also beneficial for the adult who requires assistance in activities of daily living (ADL's) and who required around the clock care.


Certified FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructors Bayla and Jacqueline serve clients in Beaverton, certain areas of Portland, Lake Oswego and Hillsboro. 

Zibrio Balance Training 


The Zibrio Balance Program provides balance progressions beneficial for athletes to older adults. The progressive training program provides balance challenge to the individual where ever they are on the continuum.  Increasing balance for sports or recreational activities to increasing balance to better enhance functional fitness. Balance progressions include biomechanics, sensory, uncertainty and dynamic challenges in the training program. We take into consideration your health, fitness or wellness goal and devise a program that matches up with that.


No matter if you are an athlete, ageless athlete or older adult with multiple, the consequences of poor balance are falls. You are more prone to falls depending on your health and fitness status, and the environment in which you perform an activity.

Falling down is an accident, but it is no accident that it happens no matter if you are old or young.

Jacqueline received the Zibrio Balance Specialist Certification and together with her other balance and mobility specialties and certifications is available for in person and virtual training.

'Stay Well At Home' Program

The Stay Well At Home program is a 6-month long program that is aimed to empower the older adult there by enabling him/her to make necessary behavior changes and manage his/her own fall risk and thus reduce the risk factors that contribute to falls. Stay Well At Home was developed by the leaders in older adult exercise at the Center for Successful Aging - California State University - Fullerton. 


Stay Well At Home begins with an initial baseline screening and assessment, followed with in-home personalized exercise training that gradually tapers down to phone consultations and independent exercise. The program includes all resources including exercise program binder, exercise DVD's and exercise materials.

Stay Well At Home is beneficial for older adults 65 and older at risk for falling and/or a history falls with and without injury.


Tai Chi-Movement for Better Balance

Movement for Better Balance a simplified eight-form Tai Chi program endorsed by The Oregon Health Authority.

Research shows that Tai Chi is effective in reducing falls among relatively healthy but sedentary older adults at low-to-moderate levels of fall risk. Private and small group training programs can be provided.

Stepping On- 7-Week Small Group Workshop

This 7-week Building Confidence and Reducing Falls in Older Adults workshop developed by the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging is a multi-faceted falls-prevention group program with a 3-month booster session that has shown to reduce the risk of falls by 31% in older adults.


This workshop is suitable for independent living older adults who can walk without the help of another person or walker. Because the rate of falls  in Oregon is 70% higher than the national average, the State of Oregon has recognized the value of this program and is endorsed by The Oregon Health Authority.

We can instruct the Stepping On workshop at various locations such as independent living communities, senior centers, clinics and hospitals. Three of our health and fitness team members have received the training which was sponsored by the Oregon Health Authority.


Otago is a 12-month in-home exercise program anto prevent falls in older adults and is provided by a certified physical therapist. It is suitable and most effective for older adults 80 years or older, who have had fallen within the last year, and have moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to multiple risk factors.

Delay The Disease: The # 1 Parkinson's Exercise Program


Delay the Disease is an evidence-based exercise program specifically developed for Parkinson's Disease patients to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson's. Delay The Disease was developed at OhioHealth.  
We work with clients in beginning to advanced stages of Parkinsons's Disease and provide both
personal training and private physical therapy to reduce Parkinson's symptoms, optimize the client's physical function and help clients stay independent longer. 


Most people with Parkinson's Disease (PD) have additional medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, degenerative joint disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, balance problems, etc.for whom an interdisciplinary exercise training and wellness program will be created. The exercise program needs to be sustained and modified throughout the aging and disease process(es) to provide a safe and effective exercise experience, and to provide maximal benefit for all medical conditions.


Delayed The Disease Exercise like most exercise training programs needs to be sustained and modified throughout the aging process and disease progression to maintain maximal benefit. 


Four of our health and fitness professionals received certification in the #1 Parkinson's Exercise Program; 'Delay The Disease' and with individualized and specific exercise training we help clients : 


  • Move about with ease and confidence in a crowd

  • Get out of bed or rise from a chair independently

  • Improve handwriting

  • Dress independently

  • Diminish worry that stiffness, slow steps, and other symptoms are obvious

  • Regain a sense of moving with normality


Senior Personal Training on Yoga Ball

Health Equals Wealth

When we turn 65 years and are in ill health the expected cost to address our healthcare needs are  $500,000.00. Maintaining our health well beyond age 65 with adequate function and fitness directly influences our quality of life and provides financial benefits.


The annual cost of longterm care in the United States is increasing at two or three times the rate of inflation.

A survey from Genworth Financial looks at the cost of care in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, adult day services and home care.


OPB reports that the median cost for longterm care  in Oregon is $58,000 to $120,000. Per month cost ranges from $4800 to over $10,000 depending on the level of care, location and amenities


When you or a loved one is experiencing balance and mobility problems, muscle weakness and /or frailty, exercise intervention needs to start the sooner the better.  Even at advanced age (90+ years of age) people can make improvements in function, health and fitness. An exercise program should be modified throughout the aging and/or disease process to allow you to age in place.


Remaining independent with appropriate exercise
Personalized training
two to three times a week costs about $700 to $1,200 per month. That is a savings of $3,300 to $8,800 per month that you do not need to spend for and assisted living facility.


Proudly providing wellness services in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego,
Sherwood, Hillsboro. 

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