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My Story

Jeanette is a certified personal trainer with a passion for mature adult and senior fitness and has a particular affinity for helping them optimize function to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle. 


Jeanette has a B.S. in Health Care Administration with a certificate in Gerontology. She began her post college career working in long term care as a Nursing Home Administrator. She understands what causes people to loose independence and what is required to regain function and extend functional health and postpone the need for longterm care. 


One of Jeanette’s most recent passions has been to obtain certification in Essentrics (also known as Aging Backwards or Classical Stretch), a fitness format that focuses on mobility, flexibility and strength. With the premise that what we don’t move over time we lose the ability to move, the purpose is to retain and even regain abilities as much as possible. 


Jeanette loves to help her clients move and feel better and educating them along the way so they understand how the exercises benefit them. Jeanette is also a certified group fitness instructor and enjoys the meaningful personal connections that she has developed with her clients and students.

Jeanette - Personal Trainer


  • Certified NASM Personal Trainer  

  • Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

  • OSU Certificate in Gerontology (1996)

  • OSU Bachelor of Science


Jeanette lives in Beaverton with her family where she has raised her two kids who are beginning to create their own lives. When time allows she enjoys hiking, spending time with friends and family, and curling up in a comfy chair reading a good book.

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