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Happy Clients

Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients who experienced benefits beyond their expectations are happy clients.  
A few of our clients like to share their story with you, and want to inspire you to seek our expertise in helping you achieve your wellness goal too.

"My sister and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Laura’s work with our 89 year old father.  They have been working together two times a week to help him gain strength and work on his balance.  While the physical strength improvement was the primary objective, our father’s interactions with Laura and his engagement with her are just as important.  We are fortunate to have found Fitness & Function and Laura".

D. Bishop

I felt fantastic today after our training session. Thank you, it has been  long time since I've been optimistic about my health. 

Mary and I realize how valuable the time we have spent with you has been. I did the whole track without being distressed and in pain; the first time in at least 5 years. I looking to repeat the experience. For the first time, I can definitely say we have a brighter future. We Just have to work at the exercise.

Dr. John. McDougall

training with Jacqueline since 2018



Monica has been my personal trainer for over a year. I want to let you know how much I enjoy working with her. She is a compassionate, caring presence in my life, not to mentioned how competent she is. I definitely feel she has helped me increase my physical fitness. in addition, she has supported me through the difficult year with my husband's death and my move to a continuing care retirement community. She has adjusted my workouts according to my needs and abilities.  I look forward to many years of continued association.

Suzanne, age 70 has been receiving virtual personal training


I genuinely mean it when I tell you (Jacqueline) that you're the BEST! Your level of engagement,  the thought and effort you put into each session,  and the fact that you not only give my mom what she needs, you successfully deliver to me exactly what I need as well. This is about my mom (age 75) and her health but it is also very much about me and what I need too.

Thank you for that. For all of that. 

J. Luttrell

We are doing great - THANK YOU

The year Mary and I spent with you was life-changer.  We will always credit you for much of our success. Your lessons were permanent; we do the entire routine at least once a week and it makes a difference. You should feel great gratification from your work with us. 

John McDougall, MD



Fitness and Function provided personal training services for my mom for several months while she was bed-bound following long-term illness.

In addition to receiving assistance with basic flexibility and mobility, my mom enjoyed the company and friendship she developed with the personal trainer, Monica, during that time and very much looked forward to her visits. While we were unable to take advantage of more advanced personal training services, the care my mom did receive met her where she was at that time and helped maintain her level of mobility, which was appropriate and greatly appreciated.

We would highly recommend Fitness and Function to anyone looking for person training services for themselves or family members. They’re caring, attentive, responsive, and professional.




It has been such as joy for me to meet you and learn from you. You are a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, sensitivity and excellence and I am so grateful to you for helping me to get better this year. I had no idea what to expect of you (or myself) when we began training, but I have regained a quality of life I didn't think would ever be possible again. Thank You!
                                                                                               B. Lynch 68
                      Personal training with Jacqueline 1-3 times per week



I can honestly say that personalized exercise training with Jacqueline has saved my life and I will ever be grateful. I plan to keep up with these training sessions as long as I am physically able to.

P. Becker age 92

Client for 13 years, personal training three times per week



I have been working with Jacqueline for 6 months now. She has a wonderful depth of knowledge, is patient, positive, reassuring and gives consistent feedback so I know where and how I have progressed and where I need to focus. The exercises are changed up at a challenging but comfortable rate. Since working with her I no longer fall from losing my balance, am stronger overall, and have much more energy. Also as a lifelong avoider of exercise, I now walk between 2 and 4 miles a day, practice the exercises she has suggested, (mostly), and miracle of miracles, I’m loving it! Additionally, I am continuing to lose weight – 6 more pounds to reach “normal,” and...
I no longer take medications for depression, high blood pressure or incontinence! Oh yes, and I'm 75. Amazing!!! 

Sidney Rice

Personal training twice weekly




I have tried personal trainers, physical therapists and other programs to no avail. Thankfully a friend referred me to Jacqueline Sinke. I have been working with Jacqueline for the past six months and now have a totally new look on life.

Jacqueline is an expert in her field being a health fitness specialist, balance and mobility specialist and personal trainer. She carefully designed a targeted exercise routine to accommodate my complicated and delicate health concerns. She is working with me to gradually build core strength, building up muscles around my weakened spine, and to improve my balance so that I am less likely to fall. I can see my progress! I am getting stronger! Six months ago, I didn’t think this was possible. I have serious health issues. I have multiple sclerosis for the past 40 years. On top of that, I have severe osteoporosis. If I fall, the consequences could be major, even life-threatening. Pondering my precarious health problems has had me depressed, overwhelmed and confused. How can I exercise without hurting myself? What exercises can I do? I have tried personal trainers, physical therapists and other programs to no avail. Thankfully a friend referred me to Jacqueline Sinke. Since I have been working with Jacqueline I have a totally new look on life.

Alicia Gilbert

Client for over seven years, personal training three times weekly.


Bayla O’Brien has been working with me for over a year and a half. In that time she had worn many hats, and provided me with more help than anyone can imagine. Several years ago I underwent radiation therapy for a brain tumor. More recently I suffered a bad fall that caused further neurological injury and my balance and coordination were greatly affected. I tried taking various exercise classes to regain strength and coordination but found that trying to follow instructions as part of a group just would not work for me. Jacqueline recommended me to work with Bayla, the PT with her company Fitness & Function.

To say that Bayla has worked with me as a physical therapist, personal trainer, and even life coach hardly scratches the surface. In the beginning, she did a thorough assessment of my abilities and needs and we have been working through that list ever since. One of the most remarkable things that I have discovered in working with Bayla is that she is constantly observing how I am progressing and she adjusts the routines and exercises to fit. In addition, she is always concerned with my personal safety and wellbeing. Bayla clearly provides this same level of detailed planning for each of her clients. She also does not simply rely on standard treatments but continues to look for new ways to achieve desired results and to challenge those she is working with. All the while, Bayla is head cheerleader if I may be so bold as to use that title. On days when the routine has been difficult she somehow always manages to leave me on a positive note. Am I tired when she leaves? You bet. But I find myself looking forward to our next session and all the while can see and feel that I am making continuous and steady progress towards my goals.

Bayla had been an integral part of my recover and I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of a physical therapist. In summary I would like to say that Bayla has been one of the most pleasant and encouraging professionals that I have ever met.

Ronald C Tipper, Capt., USN (Ret)

Client for three years, received personal training and physical therapy once to twice weekly  


Without question, Jacqueline Sinke is one of the finest fitness professionals I have ever known, an observation shared by all of our fitness directors and staff. Ms. Sinke has incredible credits, and, more importantly, a caring, helpful attitude that motivates her clients to work sensibly and seriously towards attaining their fitness goals. She exemplifies all of the high-quality personal characteristics desired in a fitness professional.

Wayne Westcott PhD
Fitness Director and National Strength Consultant


I am an assisted living resident and Bayla O'Brien has been my physical therapist. I've been able to make a great recovery from a double break in my left femur. Due to prior injuries my left leg, I had some traumatic problems with relearning to walk. Bayla was very aware of this and helped me overcome my initial reservations about walking. We worked through many exercises that were helpful for me to dismiss my mental doubt about using my leg. She helped me regain confidence. The exercises were significant towards my recovery of my balance worries and my walking with a walker. This in turn led to the culmination of my final goal of using my cane as the main source of my getting around.



My wife and I have been working with Jackie for over a year now. Not only is she professional, caring and skilled, she is always on time. Her workouts are tailored to each of our needs and she changes them around frequently to keep us from getting complacent. Jackie is very knowledgeable in the areas of osteoporosis, arthritis and aging which has been a big help. We would both highly recommend Jackie to anyone seeking a personal trainer.

Mark Willner


I contacted Jacqueline to help me regain upper body strength after a mastectomy and chemo therapy. She has developed a program for me that has me stronger than ever. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I am grateful for her help and I highly recommend her services.

April D


Bayla is not only an extremely capable physical therapist but also a delight to work with. She is kind, patient and understanding. She is concerned about my physical fitness and overall health. She is well-trained and well-read. She has a variety of exercises and ideas to help me grow stronger as I deal with cancer.

P. Wills

Client for three years, received personal training and physical therapy once to twice weekly


Jacqueline is the best. She has helped me recover from two hospitalizations. I have worked with her for 10 years and she keeps me going in the right direction. She is very well-informed and patient. I always look forward to seeing her. Can't say enough positive things about Fitness & Function with Jacquie.

J. A Miller
Personal training client over 10 years

Desiree has been coming to the home of Mr. A H. since 2013 for in-home therapeutic exercise three times a week. Mr. H is elderly and has advanced Alzheimer's. Desiree has provided exercise programs and activities in keeping his mobility and mental ability. She has proven to be flexible, imaginative and inspiring to both Mr. H. and the caregiving staff, always educating and helping us to come up with solutions to his ongoing changes and challenges in mental and physical ability. Mr. H's mental landscape changes almost daily, Desiree simply keeps pace and is able to meet him where he is at to get the most movement out of him as tolerated. At times she just sings with him and provides gentle stretching, other times she is able to do resistance exercises and inspires him to keep going. She has been a great asset to our staff and our job has been easier with her presence. 


The H. family caregivers

Client for 7 years, personal training three times per week

I have had Laura as a trainer twice a week for about 3 years. She has helped me gain function from wheelchair to walker to walking  with a normal  stride, good balance and able to drive a car.  I can even play golf (not well). She is reliable and always on time for our appointment.  Her  knowledge of muscle groups is impressive.  She is very dedicated to self improvement and such a nice person.  I feel fortunate to have her as my trainer--such a positive attitude!

Sincerely, Curtis Holzgang, MD, MACP. Age 87

Competent and caring – 2 qualities we hope for in a health care provider but rarely find one provider with both.  I found that “rare” person in Bayla.  My 91 year old mother is paralyzed on the left side of her body from a stroke 2 years ago.  She started working with Bayla a year later and after 8 months was able to exercise with weights and help with transferring from her bed to wheelchair and back.  Bayla also gave me wheelchair friendly places we could take my mom to and workbooks that would help stimulate my mom’s mind.  She would also patiently listen when my mom had those moments of just “wanting to die.”  My mom chose to return to her home in Hawaii, but my family will always be grateful for the service and hope Bayla gave us.  

     Donna Mori


Bayla has been presenting at our Retiree Wellness Program for the past three years. Our participant group is a very large (over 100 participants) and highly specific population of  retired, blue collar labor union members and we have additional members (over 25) attending via simulcast at four remote locations.

Bayla's ability to translate her professional knowledge and practice into a presentation that captures an audience and attends to the unique needs of this group is rare to come by. She uses a combination of  research data, hands on demonstration, experience in the field  and lighthearted humor to bring a well-rounded presentation that engages and prepares our members to consider their next steps in their aging journey.

Our members enjoy her presentations so much that they ask for her to return year after year. She is truly a gem in this field.   


Tori Geter, U.A. Local 290 Wellness Program



At age 76 I went through a severe medical crisis. I came through it, but the debilitating aftermath was extreme tiredness, weakness, depression, and the acceptance that I would never feel good again.  After all, the world saw me as elderly, and so did I so it was not unexpected that I had no optimism. Fortunately, my son didn't accept my personal diagnosis.  He searched and found a highly recommended trainer who would come to my home to work with me.  Jacqueline Sinke, of Fitness and Function has changed my life.

Within only a few months, I felt stronger, had pride in my progress and, hugely, my physician saw (and tested) enough difference that she took me off a heavy duty medication that I had been taking for several years and she cut in half my blood pressure meds!  I am now 77, happy and empowered to return to the good life.  Jacqueline has known what I need, and has expertly and patiently moved me toward being the best I can be!

Jerre Ann Bader

Client for four years, personal training twice weekly


I began working with Bayla more than a year ago while recovering from cancer surgery. When we first met she asked me what my goals were. She did a thorough assessment of my physical abilities compared to national standards for women of my age, discussed where improvement was needed and how to achieve it. Bayla listens well and is careful to explain how each exercise relates to the particular goal we are trying to achieve. She is very safety conscious and I feel totally at ease as we work together. I have made great progress in balance, strength and stamina. I feel my goal is within reach. Having her come to my home is a great convenience. I highly recommend Bayla to all who need a physical therapist!



Jacqueline Sinke has been giving what amounts to physical exercise twice a week for a few months.  My problem is that with increasing age (I am now in my 90’s) my sense of balance was deteriorating, and indeed had one serious fall which was the main reason for seeking her help.   I have been slowly making wonderful progress in all sorts of activities (e.g. getting up from a chair, taking short walks, &c.)  and furthermore, I am in general feeling more vigorous and less anxious about falling.  I am even learning how to get up off the floor!

My sessions with her are very well conducted.  Her choice of exercises seems to me just right, and she supervises them carefully to see that she is not overextending me.  The whole experience for me has been very positive; I feel very lucky to have her expert help.    


 John Bonner PhD age 93 (currently 97)

Client for 6 years, personal training twice weekly.


One of the problems of incontinence is the lack of sleep when you are getting up several times during the night to use the bathroom. Lately we are reminded we need seven to eight hours of sleep to feel energized to get through the next day. Bayla has taught me how to get a good night sleep without napping during the day. Also when I do feel the need to use the bathroom, I feel confident I don't have to rush to get there. I had experienced falling in my attempt to get to the bathroom, resulting in a trip in the wee hours of the morning to the emergency room for stitches on my chin. The chance of falling is always a fear as we age and become unbalanced. Bayla has not only helped me with continence control, day and night, but also with balance. I highly recommend her therapy treatments.



I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 20 years. Over that period of time, I have had many physical therapists. Without any hesitation, I think that you, Bayla, are exceptional! You keep me motivated and encourage me to do my best - ever mindful of my energy and fatigue levels. I sincerely appreciate your dedication to your profession and to your clients.



I have known Bayla O’Brien for almost a year now and still find myself in awe of her knowledgeable and creative approach to her work. I have been managing my mother’s care for the last couple of years and during that time I’ve taken her to several Physical Therapy clinics. I always came away feeling extremely frustrated with what was prescribed to my 90 year old mother and knew that the chances of her continuing at home were slim to none. In my continued search for the right fit, I knew I needed someone that could help my mother “function” in her daily routine and consider each challenge in and of itself. I was thrilled to have found Fitness & Function which led me to Bayla. She has been a Godsend! She is compassionate, loving and extremely dedicated. From the start Bayla took a personal interest in customizing a program for my mother that would be easy to follow with immediate benefit. My mother’s osteoarthritis has slowed her down considerably as well as COPD and very painful edema. Bayla makes it a practice to assess the situation at the start of each session and goes to work accordingly with enough knowledge to fill an encyclopedia! I have witnessed her strengths as a therapist and her ability to encourage and support many elderly challenges, including protecting their dignity. Bayla also recognizes the importance for caregivers to learn the exercises. She insists they sit in on the session so that they have a clear understanding and make the exercises an integral part of the daily routine. This of course leads to greater effectiveness and better results for the client. I have personally had the opportunity to work with Bayla for my own issues: chronic back pain, a weakened pelvic floor and a long struggle with vertigo. She systematically laid out a plan for me with printed copies of pertinent exercises along with access to corresponding videos.I have improved greatly on all fronts. Having a therapist to guide you in the comfort of your home and consider how you can physically improve though your own space is a true gift. Bayla does it with tremendous knowledge and guided intuition. She’s the total package and I would highly recommend her.

S. Schechter


I have worked with Bayla O’Brien from Fitness and Function for the last two years both in the physical therapy and fitness programs except for a hiatus after some lung problems in the winter cold season when I went through my local Hospital’s respiratory therapy rehab. I find working with Bayla much more productive.

I am 85 years old and have osteoporosis and emphysema. When I first started with Bayla, I used a walking stick for stability but now I feel comfortable walking and stepping off a curb without support. I also had trouble getting out of a chair without using my arms; but now can get up easily. Each exercise is tailored for my particular weakness. Bayla’s expertise is tailoring exercise for the elderly. She seems to be constantly studying new and improved methods to help me improve my breathing, posture, balance and mobility. The fact that Bayla is a physical therapist is also a great benefit to me because I also have back problems and she can do an adjustment on my spine when I am in pain. My family can see the  improvements I have made and think that any extra costs that are not covered by insurance are well worth it. It is very convenient for me to have Bayla come to my home. I don’t drive much anymore so not being on the freeway is also a help. I enjoy working with Bayla and have recommended her to others.

M. Holzapfel

Client for one and half year, received personal training and physical therapy once to twice weekly



"We would like to thank Bayla O’Brien, PT, for a fantastic presentation for our women’s group! Once again, an informative and engaging program, this time on women’s health issues (bladder and pelvic floor health). Bayla brings her expertise, latest research, and hands on techniques for an active participation of all attendees. Her approach is scientific and practical, with a lot of passion and heart. Thank you, Bayla!”


Lucie Flood, Wellness Director, The Stafford Retirement Community



Although my husband was quite active with fishing, hunting and such outdoor activities until about 15 years ago, exercise in itself has never been a great part of his lifestyle. It has been very hard for me to watch his lack of interest  and ability to continue the active things we used to enjoy together. More importantly however, I know how unhappy he has been with this also! Then 'Super Jackie" came into our lives! You have shown him, and he now sees it himself how important it is to move and how he can help himself improve. He has certainly enjoyed working with you and feeling better and stronger! Thank you so very much for your dedication and patience and for your delightful self. You have given us a new lease on life, you have definitely improved our lives in a lasting way.

Very gratefully Emily

My brother has been working with Physical Therapist Lisa Sevcik twice a week for over a year, and I have the highest regard for her skills as a fitness trainer and also her ability to accommodate some special health issues that my brother has. She has succeeded in helping him maintain fitness and balance and also assesses his progress, which is very important to prevent injury from falling. Additionally, she is a kind and considerate person who has established rapport with him and provides the added benefit of her companionship during her visits to his house. He greatly looks forward to their sessions together and is always cheerful as a result of them. I don't know what we would do without Lisa! She embodies the high standards of service provided by Jacqueline Sinke and Fitness & Function LLC.


- Sincerely, SC


Proudly providing wellness services including personal training, private physical therapy, health coaching, green outdoor exercise training, Nordic Walking and TRX, AHA First Aid, CPR and AED training in: 

Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Gladstone, Oregon City, Sherwood, Hillsboro, Milwaukie, Gresham and Happy Valley.

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