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Breathing Wellness

Updated: May 22, 2020

Watch Physical Therapist Bayla O'Brien with Fitness & Function taking a client through breathing exercises. Respiratory function is a concern and on the mind of many older adults especially those at risk and/or have survived the COVID-19 infection and who's lungs were affected. An additional concern is that low oxygen levels can increase fall risk and fall-relaled injuries among older adults. Whether you were bedridden in an ICU, sick at home, or have been physically inactive, your functional fitness is probably affected, including respiratory fitness, and thus the amount of effort it takes to perform activities of daily living.

Breathing exercises are an important exercise component for many older adults, from the de-conditioned inactive person, the individual with COPD, and to the post-COVid-19 patient. Bayla specializes in geriatric physical therapy, click here to read more about Bayla and how she maybe able to help you restore function..

This 3-part series provides insight in some of the breathing exercises that a PT can take you through to assess and improve your respiratory function.

Breathing Wellness Part 1

Breathing Wellness Part 2

Breathing Wellness Part 3

Stay strong, stay well at home and breathe easy with Bayla.

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