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Falls Intervention Programming

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

There are many reasons why people fall.

Determining possible causes and developing appropriate intervention is what we do. 

Have you or a loved one experienced a stumble, trip, slip, a fall or near fall with or without injury? Maybe you brushed it off because you just did not pick up your feet high enough. The fact is that even minor changes in strength, posture, ankle range of motion, changes in vision, reaction time can make this little stumble lead to injury. Common injuries are wrist-, shoulder-, or hip-fracture, cuts, scrapes and bruises, traumatic brain injury and death.

Do you have difficulty walking or trouble navigating through the home, or are you walking while holding onto the furniture?

Are you experiencing dizziness when getting up from bed or chair, dizziness while turning, and have stiff muscles or joints?Are you or a loved one avoiding activities because of a fear of falling and being embarrassed when losing balance? 

Do you need additional training in appropriate use of a cane or walker? 

When your answer is 'YES', immediate intervention is necessary, there is no time to waste.

Falls are the # 1 reason older adults

lose their independence and for the most part,

falls are preventable.

One out of every four older adults 65 years and older falls annually.

We provide fall intervention, balance and mobility programs for older adults just beginning to experience changes in gait, balance, posture, strength and endurance, and may even have experienced a fall with or without injury, to providing balance, strength and mobility for older adults with moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to multiple risk factors and who may require around the clock care.

Programs are individually tailored to each clients’ unique need and wellness goal. We work with our client’s health care provider and follow recommendations.

Proudly providing wellness services in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Sherwood, Hillsboro. Wilsonville.

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