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Going back in time

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

If you could reverse a fall and avoid an injury.....

Would you?

A life changing event

A fall is often a life changing event with and even without an injury. An injury could leave you with broken bones as severe as a hip fracture, spinal fracture or head injury that can rob you of your independence and send you on a downward spiral. People who don't get injured from a fall may also experience a life changing event. Just by having a fear of falling people often begin to reduce their physical activity to prevent a fall or injury from happening.

Limiting physical activity puts a damper on someone’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest and socialize with people doing all kinds of activities. Fear of falling, feeling vulnerable and being embarrassed about it reduces someone’s social circle and can bring people into isolation, loneliness, depression and this continued inactivity causes further loss of muscle strength, bone loss, stiffer joints, problems with balance, can cause frailty and possibly additional related medical problems.

Can you go back in time?

The answer is that we maybe able to stop and reverse the downward cycle, however, why wait when you can prevent and reduce you chance this from happening in the first place. We learn from the people who aged before us, we learn from research done by others who specialize in optimizing the health, fitness and function of older adults. What stops you from benefiting from that knowledge and the services they provide ?

Prevention is cheaper than treatment

Health and fitness professionals that specialize in older populations have the ability to assess and determine the risk for falling (low-moderate-high) as well as functional fitness level and risk for losing independence. These test are inexpensive compared to what it would cost you to fix your hip, a hospital stay to heal from a brain injury or spending the remainder of your years in a nursing home.

The good news

If you are beginning to experience balance issues, have experienced a near fall, slip, trip, stumble or have fallen, without or with injury you can do something about it and reduce your changes that a fall becomes a life changing event.

Turning back the clock

Physical activity that includes targeted exercises specifically tailored to your health and functional ability can help you regain health and fitness, stop and even reverse declines, and slow down the aging process. The sooner you start the better.

No time to lose

We have only one life to live, make it your best possible life and embrace lifestyle habits that brings years to your life and life to your years. We would love to have you as our personal training or health coach client, and as our physical therapy patient. We are dedicated health and fitness professionals that love to make you shine.

Fitness & Function provides in-home wellness services to older adults and can perform in the comfort and privacy of your home:

  • a fall-risk screen

  • functional fitness test and

  • if needed a more focused balance and mobility assessment

Understand your risk and find out what you can do to reclaim function, health, and fitness. Give us a call, we love to talk to you!

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