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Longevity Training for Older Adults

People age differently and fitness level, functional ability, and health status varies widely in people 65 and beyond. Five levels of physical functioning have been identified in this senior population group, from 'elite and high functioning' to 'dependent and needing assistance with daily activities'. This means that senior exercise should not be a one-size fit-all program. Exercise programs need to meet the unique need of each of these groups and be tailored to the individual.

Our clients are active agers, ageless athletes, and individuals who cope with the effects of chronic medical conditions or illness. Most of our clients want to stay living in their own home be as functionally independent for as long as possible, and possibly avoid having to move to a care facility. In fact several of our clients started their personal training program or received physical therapy while already shopping for an assisted living facility. I am happy to say that after about several months of regular and consistent exercise training these individuals regained such significant function that they were able to return to an active lifestyle, a lifestyle they thought was lost forever.

There are many reasons why our clients choose to work with Fitness & Function. Here are some of their reasons why:

  • Does not want to move into a retirement-, independent living- or assisted living community and desires to stay strong, with balance and mobility necessary to remain in his/her own home close to family and friends .

  • Currently resides in a retirement or continuing care community and does not find the services, programs, or expertise offered by these communities that effectively and satisfactory restores their function, maintains their function, or helps maintain their independent living skills for as long as possible.

  • Has exhausted all available options through the conventional and limited medical model or limited health care system.

  • Realizes he/she is living very closely to losing independence and may not get another chance to improve function and safeguard quality of life. In this case we are the last resort and Fitness & Function provides these clients with the opportunity to add years to the their life and quality of life to their years.

  • Prefers personalized and tailored exercise that meets his/her individual need and receives this service in the comfort and privacy of his/her own home.

  • Demands highly qualified, accredited and certified, licensed and experienced health and fitness professionals.

  • Is not satisfied with a cookie-cutter evidence-based group exercise program and desires individualized tailored services such as a ‘best practice program’ delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals to have his/her needs met.

About Fitness & Function

Fitness & Function meets the unique wellness and fitness need of mature adults (40-49), 

midlife adults (50-64) and older adults (65 and beyond) with in-home personal training, health coaching, and private physical therapy. Our services are individually tailored to meet and exceed our clients' wellness goals. We are a local small business based in Portland Oregon.

Our History

Fitness & Function was established in 2003 by Jacqueline Sinke after her extensive work in the fitness field providing personal fitness training, group exercise, strength training research instruction, exercise for Department of Defense personnel and the federal government, corporate fitness, and independent and assisted living communities by designing programs meeting the unique wellness needs for people ages 40 to 100 and beyond.

Fitness & Function builds on the best practices, experiences and expertise of its certified and licensed health and fitness professionals to provide optimal benefits to its clients.

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