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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Werther you are stuck at home due to weather, have a low or compromised  immune system due to chemotherapy or choose to stay isolated to avoid contracting or prevent spreading of a virus (corona virus, flu, chemotherapy), know that you are able to spend your time productively with continued exercise and making healthy lifestyle choices that benefit your wellness. In addition to receiving personal training in home in person and avoiding large crowds you can also choose to use your computer or smart phone with phone consult/training or using FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

You are able to can train the whole body in your home with minimal exercise equipment. You can perform cardiovascular exercise, balance exercise, resistance training, stretching exercises, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, TRX suspense training exercise and more.

Many people already perform in-home exercise training, some with minimal exercise equipment from the comfort off their living room, others have a complete in-home fitness center with exercise machines and various equipment.

When you have received in-home personal training and when or if you need to remain isolated due to possible spreading of disease or to minimize risk for infection, the next best choice is turning to your tablet, laptop or smart phone allowing you to continue your exercise and progressions being coached by your personal trainer, health coach or physical therapist who can make adjustments and recommendations to your training regimen, email you pictures of exercises or can show you how to perform exercises.

Your safety and the safety of our health and fitness professionals is of utmost importance. Please discuss with your trainer/physical therapist how best you would like to receive training during this time of uncertainty.

- Personal training phone or web-based conference/coaching/consultation 20-minute session $ 25.00

- Additional session time billed in 10-minute increments of $10.00 each.

- Physical therapy phone or web-based conference/coaching/consultation 20-minute session $ 30.00

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