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Virtual Personalized Exercise Training

With winter weather stopping your personal trainer from meeting you at your home? We want to remind you that Virtual Personal Training, Virtual Health Coaching and Virtual meetings with your Physical Therapist are available and have been since the beginning of Covid. These virtual sessions allow you to continued training and coaching sessions without interruptions and reducing your chances for losing function and functional ability.

We may not be around to put on your ankle weights or attach resistant tubing with the door anchor to your door, however, we are seasoned and skilled health and fitness professionals who can guide you through a safe and effective exercise-and coaching- session by giving you cues and reminders you about posture, foot position, breathing and so much more.

We have clients in and around the Portland area as well as San Michael de Allende-Mexico, Boston, Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, downtown Portland and Seattle area.

As long as you have reliable internet access we can guide you through an exercise or coaching session without interruptions and gaps of inactivity where you can decline in function and health.

We provide virtual personal training, health coaching and private physical therapy with clients across town, country and globe. There is no reason to be and feel isolated from services and stopping your exercise sessions due to weather or other events beyond our control, while traveling or spending time at your summer or winter residence.

There are several options available for virtual exercised from FaceTime to Zoom and more. Ask your personal trainer, health coach or physical therapist how to include virtual sessions into your current routine.

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