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Heart health for breast cancer survivors

Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease should be a priority of long-term care for individuals with breast cancer and doctors can help by prescribing exercise programs. Spring edition 2020 of Cure states that mortality for breast cancer continues to go down, but what women are faced with if they do not have recurrence is that the # 1. cause of death is cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is often a modifiable risk factor and that a personalized exercise program can curb side effects from disease and treatment. Research analysis discussed in this article found that supervised exercise training improved oxygen consumption by 15%. In another study highlighted during the 37th. Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference nine or more hours of exercise per weeks associated with a 23% reduction in the risk for cardiovascular events regardless of age, cardiovascular disease risk factors at diagnosis, menopausal status and type of anticancer therapy. A personal trainer with advanced certifications such as a medical exercise specialist, exercise physiologist or cancer exercise specialist trainer has the credentials to develop a personalized exercise program to meet client's need. This exercise program can be performed at home or at the gym depending client preference and availability.

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