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Return to in-person balance training

With more of our clients now fully vaccinated against Covid-19 as well as the majority of our health and fitness professionals, people slowly move from virtual personal training back to in-person at home training or a combination thereof called hybrid personal training.

Over the last year when training and assessments were limited, the risk for falling may have increased and you may have experienced a fall or a near-fall with or without injuries. Balance is a key indicator of physical health and is highly personal. Too much sitting, reclining and lying down reduces strength, balance and mobility. The best time to begin with balance and mobility training is when you are beginning to experience a change in your balance. If you have experienced a recent fall with or without injuries immediate intervention may be necessary.

How can you find out if you are at increased risk for falling?

A fall risk screen is conducted that follows the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that includes:

  1. completion of the questionnaire "Staying Independent",

  2. 4-Stage Balance Test

  3. Timed 10-feet Up- and-Go walk test (TUG), and

  4. 30-Second Chair Stand Test

When the fall screen indicates an increased risk for fall we can do further assessments with a Multi-Sensory Balance and Mobility Assessment to determine possible impairments and appropriate exercise program can then be developed. Balance exercises are best when they target the person's specific impairments. There are many risk factors for falling, reducing the number of modifiable risk factors you have control over reduces fall risk and ultimately contribute to your quality of life and longevity.

Our health and fitness professionals have several balance and mobility qualifications. The type of training you need can be determined through a comprehensive assessment. Please note: multi-sensory balance and mobility assessments and multi-sensory balance and mobility training can only be conducted in-person for safety reasons.

In-Home In-Person Balance and Mobility and Targeted Falls Intervention Training

  • Balance and mobility personal training with certified FallProof Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor $100.00

  • Private Physical Therapy $150.00 per session

  • Personal training with certified personal trainer, certified CSCS, Medical Exercise Specialist: $90 to $95.00 per 60-minute session or $80.00 - $85 .00 for 45-minute session.

Partner In-Home Personal Training

  • One 60-minute partner training $135.00

  • Two back-to-back 45-minute training per session (90 minutes total) $145.00

  • Two back-to-back 60-minute training per session (120 minutes total) $165.00

Virtual Personal Training and Virtual Health Coaching

  • 30-minute personal training $ 45 to $50 per session

  • 60-minute personal training $ 75 to $85 per session


  • In-person comprehensive assessment $150.00. This includes measuring vital signs, STEADI CDC Fall Risk Screen, multi-sensory balance and mobility assessment, and functional fitness test (previously called senior fitness test).

  • Virtual limited functional fitness test and fall risk screen $95 .00 (assistance of responsible person or caregiver is advised for safety)

When you have no intention of slowing down while aging we need to keep our body functioning as best as possible, avoid disease and injuries. An important objective of the balance and mobility programs is to challenge, but not exceed our intrinsic capabilities by systematically introducing balance and mobility tasks of increasing complexity that are to be performed in a variety of practice environments that simulate those encountered during daily life.

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