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Personal Training, Health Coaching, Physical Therapy, as well as Active Aging Virtual Group Classes can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home whether you receive these services in person or virtually. Moving at home will help you stay strong at home, you have options and possibilities to thrive.

In-person exercise training vs virtual exercise training

When exercise training or therapeutic exercise is medically necessary due to increased risk for falls and fall-related injuries or other reason, in-person exercise sessions may need to continue and you need to outweigh the pros and cons of options available to you.

Consider receiving a combination of in-home exercise sessions with virtual exercise sessions to achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals. Exercise sessions can continue when you have a laptop or tablet. There is no reason for taking a break from your necessary exercise while away during the holidays visiting family or while on vacation as long as you have online access with a tablet, laptop or smartphone..

Safety considerations

Whether you receive personal training or physical therapy in the comfort of your home, your safety as a client is very important Fitness & Function recommends that both health/fitness professional and client wear a face mask, practice frequent hand washing, use hand sanitizer, and wear gloves. We urge you to discuss with your trainer or PT how best you would like to receive training.

Breathing Wellness videos are still available FREE for you to watch on our VIRTUAL EXERCISE page

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