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Nordic Walking with Fibromialgia: A safe and effective means of regaining functionality and physica

Nordic Walking allows people with fibromyalgia a safe exercise intervention that allows them to walk outdoors without having to avoid hills and increasing fall risk.

Persons with fibromyalgia can enjoy the same improvement in strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity and perhaps postural control as can healthy persons according to Arthritis Research Therapy.

Symptom flares are commonly exacerbated by exercise that is not modified for fibromyalgia. Specific aerobic activities that involve fast cycling, running, jumping, quick turns and certain dance moves may result in symptom flares, as can higher intensity exercise compared to lower intensity exercise.

Clinicians often recommend exercise program for fibromyalgia patients 'start low and go slow', exercise should provide significant fitness improvements without a symptom flare, improve fatigue, pain, sleep, mood/distress and quality of life.

Research shows that moderate to high intensity (Rating of Perceived Exertion 13-15) outdoors Nordic Walking with nordic walking poles can activate muscles in the trunk and upper and lower body while adding balance.

The poles also allowed participants to increase their stride length and employ a faster gait or walking speed.

Learn the technique of Nordic walking in one of our clinics and and join the group outdoor Nordic Walking events offered in your community.

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