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Improving our odds

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Longterm confinement, social isolation in the home by itself can have devastating affects on older adults and people with underlying medical conditions. Too much sitting, lying down and being inactive leads to a reduction in muscle strength and bone density, stiff muscles and joints will start to affect mobility and balance. Inactivity can spike blood sugar levels, elevates blood pressure, can increase joint pain and back pain, reduction in cognitive ability, decline an cardiorespiratory health and increases in the risk for falls and fall-related injuries that require medical attention.

It is our goal that clients are able to stay alive, strong and independent without requiring medical attention when the health care system is already stretched to the max. Lifestyle choices, such as daily physical activity, exercise and nutrient rich foods help boost our reserves and immune system. Most of our clients and even trainers and physical therapists are new to virtual training, we are however adapting fast to be able to meet our clients uniques need and we are accepting new clients.

Technology, brain cells and survival

Many older adults are not comfortable with the technology that enables us to do virtual training, however, we all know that you can teach an old dog new tricks, Boost your braincells with a new learning activity that can help you stay strong gives you improved chances for survival. Fitness & Function provides virtual exercises classes specifically tailored for older adults to perform from the confirm and safety of the home.

Virtual Essential Balance and Mobility Home class 45 to 55 minutes Tue/Thu. 3-4PM. seated and standing exercises to benefit functional health.

Virtual Hip, Core, Spine and More floor exercises to develop muscle strength and bone density in the hip joint and lower back, aimed to improve abdominal strength, core stability, posture, and incontinence. Tuesday 4:30PM.

Virtual Personalized Training with certified personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, cancer exercise trainer, exercise physiologist, balance and mobility specialist, or physical therapist.

Virtual Physical Therapy Consultations and Telehealth Sessions. Avoiding the need for medical treatment is essential to minimize chances for infection. Receiving appropriate and necessary exercise to maintain and improve function, to minimize pain and discomfort can be a lifesaving effort.

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